Mailbag 10 January 2020


Mailbag 10 January 2020    Plain text for Google Translate


It was lovely to welcome the children back to school on Monday. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. This is a short term but, as always, we are packing a lot in.


This week, several of the Yr 6 children visited City Hall with Mrs Hornsby for a Bristol Schools Action morning of environmental activities. They learned about exciting plans to construct a free standing building in Bristol, made entirely of ecobricks! Talking of eco bricks, I am still collecting empty 2 litre bottles to build our very own Hillcrest recycled greenhouse.


Our language of the month is Romanian and Miss Wilson spoke about the country and its culture and traditions in her assembly on Thursday. Children are already having a go at this month’s Golden Ticket Challenge! Congratulations to Jackson in Yr 4... our first Golden Ticket winner!


And as I write this, a Waycroft v Hillcrest netball match is in full swing. We haven’t had the final score yet but it looks extremely promising!



STOP PRESS! It’s a decisive win for The Hillcrest Hurricanes... 30 - 2! Well played! Look out for a full match report in Tuesday’s Mailbag.


The Adoptive Parents Coffee Afternoon is next Thursday afternoon, from 2.30pm.


Head lice are across all year groups again. It only takes one louse to start a dynasty! Don’t wait until your child starts scratching... by then the lice have settled in and laid eggs and will be that much harder to get rid of. Please check this weekend by wet-combing your child’s hair, in small sections, from root to tip, with a good, BIG handful of conditioner and a fine-toothed comb. Everyone will have gorgeous, shiny (and louse-free) locks on Monday!


Scooters in the playground - For the safety of all our toddler siblings, please can you remind children not to ride their scooters in the playground? Except for the supervised ‘Freewheel Friday’ sessions, of course.


It’s School Census Day next Thursday - It would be a great help to the school to have as many Reception and KS1 children as possible taking the free school meal they’re entitled to that day. A snapshot of the number of meals taken on Census Day determines our annual funding for Universal Free School Meals.  It’s going to be a special American-themed menu that our kitchen team think the children will enjoy - Kentucky Chicken Burger / Hawaii Halal Chicken Burger / Boston BBQ Quorn Burger with Florida Fries, Philadelphia Peas and San Francisco Sweetcorn, followed by California Crunchy Chocolate Biscuit.


Menu change - There will be roast turkey rather than roast chicken next Tuesday.


Yr 3 Museum Trip - Thank you to all the parents who stepped up at short notice to help out on Tuesday so the trip could go ahead. We appreciate your help.


Giants in the playground! You may have spotted some huge footprints on Monday. Yr 1 children have been on the case! Read some of their reports here.


Pokemon Encyclopedia - This very well-loved looking book was left behind at Breakfast Club earlier this week. It’s in the office waiting for its owner to claim it.


Enrichment Programme News:


Young Creators, the STEM club, hasn’t had enough bookings to be viable so they’ve had to cancel for this term. Tutor Doctors will reimburse the parents who’ve already paid.


French Club - Does your child enjoy French lessons in school? Fancy giving them a head start for Secondary school? French club offers a unique small class opportunity to learn and improve French through board games, role play, songs, games and more. Taught by qualified French teachers. Spaces still available on Fridays for KS2 children. Contact Felicity and Abbi at for more information or to book your place.


Gymnastics Club - As this week’s session didn’t run, we have refunded £5 to everyone who had already paid.



Updated Term 3 Enrichment Programme


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