Mailbag 11 February 2020


Mailbag 11 February 2020  Plain text version for Google Translate


Bang on time in the line by ten to nine! On Monday, 48 children arrived after the start of the school day. Today, it was down to 12! What an improvement - thank you! Can we do even better tomorrow?


Don’t forget it’s our Reading Open Doors Day tomorrow! Come and join us in the big hall at 9am for an introduction to how we teach reading at Hillcrest from Mr Macintyre, followed by a reading workshop in your child’s classroom.


Term 4 Enrichment Programme - Click here to download. Don’t forget to book your child’s places in next term’s clubs before the beginning of the term. Enrichment Clubs can only be booked in a block, for the whole term. Booking will close at the end of Week 1. (You can book individual childcare sessions in Breakfast Club, Early Gators and Later Gators on line, up to 24 hours ahead.)


Running Squad Trials - Mr Boyle has just realised he will be at a conference on the first Tuesday of term so he is rescheduling the trials for the following Tuesday. If you have already booked a place on Gateway there’s no need to re-book.


Chickenpox - We have a new case in Reception. Please keep an eye out for symptoms if your child hasn’t had it. Information sheet here - particularly important if you are pregnant.


Yr 6 SATs - We recommend CPG’s Complete KS2 Maths and English 10-Minute Test SAT Buster Book Bundle - three books to help your child get ready for their SATs. They’re reasonably priced and bang up to date for the 2020 tests. Click on the link to go to CPG’s website to order. They are a great way to get really familiar and comfortable with the format of the tests.

The children will be coming home with a SPAG, Reading and Maths revision pack this week. There is a mark scheme in the back that will help you to support their learning.


Spreading the Happiness - A big thank you from Mrs Newstead, who is busy putting together Happiness Boxes to distribute tomorrow, using all the generous food donations you have sent in with the children this term. Several local companies have organised collections too. These boxes will make a world of difference to families in our area for whom the school holidays, when there are no school meals or breakfast clubs, are a time of real hardship. Thank you.


Cleaning Vacancy - Our cleaning contractors, Glen Cleaning, are advertising for a cleaner to work at Hillcrest. The hours would be in the morning 7.00am - 8.45am, Monday to Friday. For further information please contact


SMSA Vacancy - Do you know someone who would like to join our lunchtime team, supervising the children in the playground and whilst they have their lunch? Details here. The deadline for applications has been extended.


Crispgate - To clarify Friday’s message about healthy snacks and lunches, a packet of crisps as part of an otherwise healthy packed lunch is fine. Please don’t send in crisps or sweets as a break time snack, though; if one or two children bring them, it rapidly becomes the norm. If your child needs something more substantial than fruit to get through the morning, but you want to avoid a high-sugar snack, how about a hard-boiled egg, crackers or oatcakes and a chunk of cheese, or some hummous to dip veg sticks or pitta bread in?




Reception Dinosaur trip letter


Community Notices


St Mary Redcliffe family events - Animal Day & Pancakes for the World


Sydenham Road Under Fives Stay & Play Session


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