Mailbag 11 July 2020


Mailbag 11 July 2020   Plain text version for Google Translate


As I said last week, our top priority in September will continue to be the safety and well being of our pupils and staff.


We will now be having an Inset day on Tuesday 1st September. We will welcome the children back to school on WEDNESDAY 2nd September.


They will have a full day of transition activities with their current class teacher on that Wednesday. They will start in their new class, with their new teacher, on Thursday 3rd September.


We will be asking you to use one of our 7 entrances/exits in September and observe our staggered start and finish times. You can see the entrances marked on a plan of the school here. We will let you know which entrance/exit your child’s class will be using and what time their school day will start and end.


We will continue to stagger break and lunch times. Our indoor ‘bubbles’ will be classes of 30 and our outdoor ‘bubbles’, 60.


We would have liked to offer hot meals from September but due to the logistics this will not be possible for the time being (we will review this at the end of Term 1). We will be offering school packed lunches - a sandwich, carrot or cucumber sticks, cake and a piece of fruit. Children can also bring their own packed lunch if you prefer. They will be eating lunches in their classrooms. On the plus side, this means that we can use both our halls for PE all day - especially useful if the weather isn't very good.


A couple of reminders...


Please don’t share school Zoom logins and passwords on WhatsApp groups.


Parents waiting at a pick up points with small children - please be mindful of social distancing.


Thank you



Reports will be sent home on Monday by email for Yrs 2, 3, 4 & 5 and any children not in school. Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 6 children will bring home a paper copy.



September childcare survey - We’ve had a terrific response to our survey! Thank you to everyone who’s already filled it in. If you haven’t done so yet, please will you take the survey, here, once for each child you have at Hillcrest? Even if you don’t plan to use any childcare or after school activities, your response will help us to get a complete picture.


There are just six quick questions and it only takes 90 seconds.



The Term 1 Enrichment & Childcare programme, with details of clubs and activities and how to book places for September, will be in next Tuesday’s Mailbag.



Yr 6 final week letter - download here.



Next week is our theme day week. We do not want to give you all the details just yet but we have added information for some of the events, particularly Sports Day (but not as we know it):



Monday - History Day


Every day you set foot in Hillcrest you are stepping into a school steeped in history. Mrs Lamb has organised a day jam-packed with fun and fascinating activities. You will explore the school’s 143-year story as well as the history of the local area.


For instance, did you know that there used to be houses on our blue pitch? Or that the school was lit by gas lamps when it first opened?



Tuesday - DT Day


Things may get messy as your challenge is to design, make and test a model of a system that can transport tomatoes in a way that won't squash them! 

Please can in-school learners bring in plastic fruit veg packaging to help with the children’s contraptions?

Online learners - if you need string, lolly sticks or tape we have some in school that you can pop in to pick up.

The person with the most innovative and effective design will win a copy of ‘The Little Giant’ – A story about famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel



Sports Day (but not as we know it)


We would love to be up at Knowle Cricket Ground enjoying our usual Hillcrest Sports Day extravaganza but unfortunately that just can’t happen. Instead, we have come up with a fun alternative for the children to race, jump, throw and kick for their Houses.


On Wednesday, online learners (i.e children who are at home), accompanied by their parents or carers, can visit Redcatch Park anytime between 10am-3pm (changed from 9.30am-3.30pm) and compete in nine different activities.


In-school learners will take part in their sports activities with their bubble groups in school. Unfortunately, we can’t invite any parents into school.


Yr 6 children and staff will be running the activities in Redcatch Park, whilst keeping in their bubbles.


All participants must exercise social distancing at all times. All the races will be run against the clock rather than against other competitors. Anyone who is not social distancing will not be allowed to take part in any of the events.


All the equipment children use will be sprayed with disinfectant between uses.


When you arrive, there will be Yr 6 children waiting, outside the toilet block in the middle of the park, to greet you and explain where all the activities are.


The events will be:


  • Speed bounce
  • Standing long jump
  • Javelin
  • Tennis keepie-uppies
  • Hurdles
  • Park loop run
  • Sprint
  • Discus
  • Javelin


Competitors at Redcatch will have their times, distances, jumps and keepie-uppies recorded and the Hillcrest Boffins (Mr Boyle and Mr Taylor) will work out which House has won each event, based on the mean score.


The scoring at school will be done by the staff in each bubble.


All participating children in the winning House will win a gold medal which can be picked up from school.


We would like the children to wear their house colours on the day to represent their House with pride. Please ensure your child is wearing sun block and a hat if it’s going to be sunny, and that they bring a water bottle to the park or to school.


It promises to be a great day! Please stay safe and have lots of fun.



Thursday - Kindness Day


As the Aussies say, everybody needs good neighbours and that is certainly true here in our community. Your day will centre on you looking out for your neighbours and neighbourhood.



Friday - Celebration Day


With another school year behind us, it will be time to reflect and to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our classmates.


Finally... we’re sure Discovery won’t mind sharing their video of Mrs Flook’s custard forfeit (they had a chance to see it first). It’s too good not to share! It’s on the Lockdown Social page here.



Look out for your next Mailbag on Tuesday.