Mailbag 17 March 2020


Mailbag 17 March 2020   Plain text version for Google Translate


Thank you for your support in these challenging circumstances. We have had many kind comments and messages from parents, which are very much appreciated.



Parents have been asking about home learning resources for children if they are unable to be in school. We will be posting daily tasks for each year group, under the ‘Learning at Home’ tab on the school website, from this Thursday. Click here to download a letter about this.



CORVID-19 Latest - Since Miss Norman’s letter yesterday, Public Health England's guidelines on the length of home quarantine, if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms, have changed. See the new advice here:


We have received an update for schools from the council today which reiterates the following information:


Developing symptoms

Staff and children should stay at home if they are unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature. They should, along with the rest of their family, self-isolate for 14 days (or 7 days if the member of staff lives alone).


Children, young people and adults with long-term health conditions

Those with certain long-term health conditions are at higher risk. These are the people who are offered an annual flu vaccination. (This does not include anyone that chooses to have the annual vaccine or the ones that are administered orally through the schools programme). People to whom this applies to are being advised to self-isolate for 16 weeks.


The list of at risk categories (for both children and adults) is:


  • chronic (long-term) respiratory disease, such as severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or bronchitis
  • chronic heart disease, such as heart failure
  • chronic kidney disease at stage three, four or five
  • chronic liver disease
  • cerebral palsy
  • chronic neurological disease, such as Parkinson’s disease or motor neurone disease, or learning disability
  • diabetes
  • splenic dysfunction or asplenia
  • a weakened immune system due to disease (such as HIV/AIDS) or treatment (such as cancer treatment)
  • morbid obesity (defined as BMI of 40 and above)


Families where a member has long term health conditions

A likely scenario will be that, where one member of the family is in the high risk category,

the rest of the family will choose to self-isolate or increase social-distancing, to reduce the

likelihood of bringing the virus into the house and putting them at greater risk.



Peter and the Wolf - Allan Schiller’s piano concert at TBC this Saturday is cancelled.  


Found in the playground - Monday: Some money, wrapped in a bus ticket / Macdonalds voucher. Tuesday: A pair of tortoiseshell and aqua blue specs. Ask at reception.



This week’s Celebration Assemblies are cancelled, sorry. There will be no more assemblies for the time being.



Food bank donations - There will be extra pressure on food banks over the coming weeks and months, particularly if schools close and families in hardship can’t rely on free school meals. Hillcrest is a collection point for the Matthew Tree Project. We realise that everyone is stocking up their own cupboards at the moment and supplies in the supermarkets are hit and miss, but if you would like to donate items please hand them in at reception. The things they would particularly welcome are:


Cereal                                     Soup                                                    Rice pudding & custard

Rice, pasta & cous cous         Tinned tomatoes & pasta sauces       Lentils, beans & pulses

Tinned meat & fish                  Tinned vegetables                               Tea & coffee

Tinned fruit                              Biscuits                                                UHT milk (semi or full)

Long life fruit juice                   Shampoo, soap & toothpaste             Toilet rolls

Dried egg noodles                   Deodorant                                           Period products




Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday. If anything changes in the meantime we will, of course, let you know.