Mailbag 19 June 2020


Mailbag 19 June 2020  Plain text version for Google Translate


What a pleasure it’s been to welcome the Reception and Yr 6 children back to school this week! Well done and thank you to all the children for settling so readily into the new routines. The distancing measures we’ve put in place are working, including the drop off and pick up arrangements. The only issue has been cars double parking along School Road, making it difficult for people to get by on the pavements and on the road. These may not be parents’ cars, but if they are, please be considerate and don’t double park or park half on the pavement.


We’re very excited today to launch the first ever Hillcrest children’s podcast - ‘From the Crest of the Hill’!  You can listen to it on the website here. I was proud to be invited to feature in the first edition with a tale from my very early teaching days!


House Points - A whopping 259 House Points were earned by children this week! Endeavour came out on top with an amazing 117 points! Children from Endeavour can now suggest a forfeit for willing teachers to do in school. Only Endeavour will get to see the video! Email your suggestions to


Next week's House Point competition starts now. Remember, it is up to your parents how you earn the House Points. It could be for school work or for helping out around the house. Don’t forget to email your House Points to the address above.



Congratulations to all who completed the 3-parks challenge! Despite lockdown conditions, you managed to raise a staggering £1894.01 that will go towards the school’s book fund. Thank you to everyone who took part - you can wear your wristbands with pride. Friends of Hillcrest want to say a particular thank you to Mike Canning, Milo’s Dad in Yr 1 for illustrating the Map, and to Tony Lane, Delphie’s Dad, also in Yr 1, for keeping us on track with his Waymarkers.



Hillcrest Poetry Day 3rd July - Our annual Poetry Day is coming up soon! We can’t all get together in the playground, as we usually do, to enjoy our Off By Heart poetry recitals but we’ve come up with some exciting new ways we can share poems:


Hillcrest Poetry Trail - Take a stroll around the area on the afternoon of Friday 3rd July and look out for poems written by Hillcrest children and other members of our community.


Doorstep Poetry - Whilst out on your stroll, check our Poetry Trail Map for participating addresses. Knock on the door and stand back - a child or grown-up will recite a poem they’ve learned by heart, just for you and your family!


            Would you like to be one of the doorstep poetry performers?

Email by Friday, June 26th.


Online Poetry Recital Videos - Send in a video of you, or a member of your family, reciting a poem you’ve learned by heart, for our ‘Hillcrest Poetry Trail’ gallery on the school website. Email your video to Juliet


We’ve suggested some poems here but please feel free to choose your own.


Top Tips for Performance Poetry


  • Tell the story.
  • Think about how you use your voice.
  • Volume, tone, intonation and pace
  • Think about how you use your body. 
  • Facial expressions, eye contact, gestures etc.
  • Think about how you use the space - poems can work brilliantly with lots of movement, but can be equally powerful with hardly any.
  • Practise, practise, practise - you have two weeks so don’t leave it until the final evening to learn your poem.
  • Harness the power of our four elements.
  • Be brave. 
  • Have fun.


Write your own poem - The theme is ‘Summer Holidays’ but all poems will be gratefully accepted and put on display on the Poetry Trail. Not a child? Don’t worry! We would love to exhibit poetry from ex-Hillcrest pupils, Hillcrest parents or anyone from our local community. Send your poems to, with ‘Poetry Day’ in the subject line, by Wednesday, July 1st.


Our favourite poems - Enjoy videos of Hillcrest staff reciting some of their favourite poems in the ‘Hillcrest Poetry Day’ gallery on the school website.



Safer Route - Arnos Vale Cemetery is open at last, at least for pick up time. Unfortunately, they aren’t opening the Cemetery Road gate until 9.30am at the moment but the Copse Road gate will be unlocked for pick up from 3.00 to 3.45 Monday to Thursday and 12.00 - 12.45 on Fridays.



CHSW Virtual Rainbow Run - Next week, 22nd - 28th June, is Children’s Hospice Week.  It’s the only week in the year dedicated to raising awareness and funds for children’s hospice and palliative care services across the UK, and the seriously ill children and young people they support.


Children's Hospice South West will be kicking off the week with a colourful bang with their first ever Virtual Rainbow Run this weekend. Over the weekend there will also be Zoom warm ups, competitions and even an after party!


Find out more, donate or sign up to take part here.



Yr 6 Parents were sent an email earlier today about Year Books.


Look out for your next Mailbag on Tuesday.