Mailbag 1 September 2020







Mailbag  1 September 2020   Plain text version for Google Translate

We’re looking forward to seeing all the children’s smiley faces tomorrow!

Do make sure they come to the right entrance at the right time. Even though they will be spending the first day with their old teacher, they will be using their new entrance from day one. You can check the details on the website here.

Please bear with us as our new procedures bed in. Once we see how things work in practice we may need to make adjustments. We may also be subject to changing government and local authority guidance. Whatever happens, we know that parents are behind us and that the whole school community will respond with its usual resilience and common sense.

If you have several children at school and need to get to different entrances to drop off, you might like to consider making arrangements to leave one child waiting at the gate with another parent

Be mindful that there are some families with members who are shielding. Be considerate and maintain social distance at pick up and drop off points - this applies to preschool siblings too. (Should this prove a problem we will consider asking parents to wear masks).

High risk? If you, or someone in your family, are vulnerable please let your child’s teacher know.

Should my ‘off colour’ child come to school? If your child, or anyone in your household, develops any of the Covid 19 symptoms - a cough, sore throat, raised temperature or loss of sense of smell or taste, they and any siblings should stay at home. Please don’t send them in to see how they go, as you might normally - people are at their most infectious in the run up to full-blown symptoms.  

Testing is free, readily available and the results come back quickly. A test kit can be ordered online through the NHS testing and tracing for coronavirus website, or by telephone via NHS 119, for those without access to the internet. Arrange a test and keep the school informed.

In normal times, if your child has a slight fever you might give them a dose of Calpol and send them in. These are not normal times. (Having said all that, please apply common sense - as a parent you know when it’s just a sniffle.)

Contact details - Please make sure that we can contact you. Should your child develop suspected Covid symptoms during the school day we will need you to collect them quickly.

Communicating with your child’s teacher - It won’t be practical, under the current arrangements, for you to have a word with the teacher at the start or end of the day. Please contact them via the teacher email address instead, marking it for their attention - If you would like a chat you can ask the teacher to phone you.

Wet mornings - We won’t be able to gather the children in the hall, no matter how awful the weather, so on wet days make sure children are dressed for waiting outside in the rain.

Clothing and possessions - EVERYTHING must be labelled with your child’s name and class. That includes every uniform item, PE kit, outdoor wear, water bottles and lunch boxes. Any lost property with a name on will be returned to your child.  There will be no lost property box and stray unnamed items will be thrown away immediately.


House PE T-shirts - If your child needs a new one send them in with £3 in a sealed envelope, labelled with ‘T-Shirt’ and their name and class. If they hand the envelope to their teacher we’ll give them a new shirt to bring home.

Lunches - Chartwells are just providing packed lunches this term and children will be eating in their classrooms. Your child can order on the day when their teacher takes the register, choosing from cheese, ham, egg or tuna sandwiches. As usual, if your child is in Yr 3 or above, please make sure there is credit in their dinner money account before ordering a lunch. If you prefer, you can send in a packed lunch from home but do make sure your child’s name is on the outside of their bag or box.

Yrs 5 & 6 - If you would like to give permission for your child to walk home from school alone please sign a form - downloadable here. You can email the form to the office or your child can hand it to their teacher. We need fresh permission each school year so please sign a new form, even if your child walked home alone last year.

Mailbags - After today, we will only be sending out one Mailbag a week, on Fridays. Please do take a few minutes to read it over the weekend, or you will miss out on important information.

And finally... school shoes should be black, please. Trainers are fine, as long as they’re black all over.