Mailbag 20 March 2020


Mailbag 20th March    Plain text version for Google Translate


Dear Parents


I would just like to say thank you for being incredibly supportive of our school in the past few days in what have been very testing times for us all. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated. We have put plans in place for the next few weeks very quickly and I expect there will be tweaks and changes as we go along but I know that you will bear with us.


These are unprecedented times and I know how worrying this situation is and how hard these next months may be for families. I hope that together, as a school community, we will continue to support one another and make the best of the situation that we are faced with. This will be a long race, without pacing ourselves we will find ourselves running out of steam.  Let’s run like Mo Farrah rather than Usain Bolt.


During this period of closure, if you have a question about home learning you can email your child’s teacher at, marking it FAO [teacher’s name]. Any other queries should go via the main school email address


Please send us things to share on our new Hillcrest Social page on the website. We would love to post your photos and videos, links, ideas, art work, recipes, greetings... whatever you fancy. Send them to Juliet at



Dear Staff


I hope you know how much I value each and every one of you. I was honoured to accept the role of head teacher of Hillcrest but the primary reason I decided to accept was you. You make me want to come in to work every day (except when I’m self-isolating!). You roll up your sleeves, go the extra mile - even when no-one is looking, and provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment for our children.


We have here a very dedicated and committed staff team and I know this dedication will continue over the coming weeks, albeit in a slightly different format. It’s this dedication that gives our children the confidence and tools to succeed. That is not going to change.



Dear Governors


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the tremendous job that our governors do and are continuing to do at this especially difficult time. You dedicate many hours, both in front of and behind the scenes, towards the monitoring and continuous improvement of the day-to-day teaching and learning, sound business management and the well-being of children and staff of our school - all without being paid! We’re all very grateful.



Dear Children


Many of you are at home now and, for the rest of you, today will be your last day. As you know, no-one knows when you’ll be back in school, which is all rather unsettling, not just for you but for your parents as well. However, as we often tell you at school when bad things happen, it’s an opportunity for many, many other good things to happen too.


Right now your family, your community and people across the world are all pulling together to help each other - in small ways and big ways. You can do the same! Help at home. Do it with a smile. And remember everyone is doing their best.


Your teachers are all going to continue to teach you. You may have a slightly longer lie in but then it’ll be time to have a look at the day’s home learning tasks your teacher has set you and do your very best.


Dear Year 6


I read this in a newspaper a few weeks ago and was going to read it out at your Leavers’ Assembly but now seems a good time...


Stay close to those you love, learn all you can from people you trust. Make friends for life and share your worries. Be caring. Don’t hanker after money or fame - there is stuff that matters more. Treat your body well. Find fulfilment in work that you enjoy. If you feel unhappy change something. Trust your own judgement rather that of others.


Your generation will be the one that saves the planet. Enjoy and cherish the natural world. Climb mountains, walk the fields and fells of your country. Swim in the seas and rivers. Look around you at the landscape-hear the birdsong. Watch for wildlife. Learn about trees and how to save them.


Take the world to your heart: sympathise with the poor and exploited. Understand the thinking and beliefs of others different from yourself and extend them tolerance.


You will benefit from great advances in medicines and science. There may be unthought-of pleasures ahead. But be watchful about those who would use technology to threaten your humanity. Join good causes with good intent.


Enjoy all expressions of human creativity. Who knows where the worlds of music, theatre, dance and literature are heading, but they will open your mind and your imagination. You will find inspiration and human sympathy. Make time for poetry: try writing it. Be creative in all things, and share with others. You are unique-have the courage to know that.



Free School Meals - If your child is registered for FSM, Chartwells will be providing you with supplies for making five days’ worth of packed lunches. You will be able to collect this from Hillcrest each Monday. We’re not sure yet what time they will be delivered. We’ll let you know. (If there are any food boxes left over, they will be donated to the Bristol Food Bank.) If you are in isolation and not able to pick up your supplies please let us know and we will drop them off.


The Key Workers whose children will be in school next week have been sent an email to confirm arrangements.


Paul, our Lollipop Man retired today. There’s a video message from him to the Hillcrest community here.


Yr 6 - Have a look on your Year Group page here!



Stay safe everyone, and look out for updates next week.