Mailbag 26 June 2020






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This week the children in school have been...


  • Enjoying rocket lollies,
  • Standing under the hose
  • Making sure the chickens are in the shade
  • Stroking Wilma and wondering why she insists on sitting in full sun every time she goes into the playground
  • Going on a hunt for Super Worm, as that naughty Wizard took him!
  • And working very, very hard!


The children at home have been enjoying the sunshine and working hard too and I’ve been enjoying looking at all the home learning they’ve been up to on Seesaw....


  • I now know how to make the perfect helicopter
  • I learned that octopuses have nine brains
  • I enjoyed the story of The Little Piece of Red Wool
  • I understand much more about climate zones
  • I discovered, along with Yr 5, that Mr Eric Pickles was the wanted criminal!




By the time you read this, Mr McIntyre will have given me a haircut! What fresh circle of hell is this? (The good news is that the amount of hair to be cut is not specified!) I hear that I have Benjamin and Rory Ferdinando to thank for this House Points competition forfeit! Well, I’m gracious enough to congratulate Endeavour on their fantastic win this week! The video of my forfeit will be winging its way to everyone in Endeavour today. Enjoy!



Stop Press... A whopping 474 House Points were earned by children this week. Discovery are this week’s winners with a magnificent 214 points. Children from Discovery can now suggest a forfeit for willing teachers to do in school. Send your suggestions to the email address below.


Next week's House Point competition starts now. Remember it is up to your parents what you earn the House Points for. It might be for school work or for helping out around the house. Email your House Points to




The DFE have asked that schools send home written reports on children’s progress for the academic year, as usual. As this school year has been unlike any other, your child's report will reflect that - we have decided to write it in the form of a letter. It will be addressed to your child, rather than to you, and we hope that it will be more personal than our normal reports, whilst still reflecting progress and achievements. We will be sending them out on Monday July 6th, by email, but if you would like a paper copy as well we will be happy to oblige.



Meet the Teacher - We’re setting a couple dates and times before the end of term for you and your child to meet next year’s teacher, by the power of Zoom! One option will be during the day and one after school so, hopefully, one or the other will be convenient for you. Look out for more information in next Tuesday’s Mailbag.



Sun Policy - We have added this policy, which is based on Cancer Research UK SunSmart Guidelines, to the selection published on our website here. We recommend applying sun screen in the morning before coming to school but a child may bring sun screen in if they need a top up during the day. It must be clearly labelled with their name and kept in their bag or drawer. They should only use their own and must apply it themselves. Staff will not apply sun screen to any children. Children need a hat in school on sunny days (you can buy the popular Hillcrest baseball caps in our house colours from the office for £3.50) and should wear tops that cover their shoulders.



Year 6 - The Yr 6 team would like to let parents know how impressed we have been with the Year 6 children over the last two weeks. Their flexibility and adherence to the procedures in school has been brilliant.

A number of Teaching Assistants have stepped up over the last two weeks to lead Yr 6 groups. I'm sure you will echo our thanks to them, as, without their help, there would have been no way that the children could have returned on the 15th June.

Now that we have been able to test the arrangements for having the children back in school, the adults in Yr 6 feel comfortable with increasing the group sizes for the final three weeks. This means that from Monday 29th June, Yr 6 will be split into four groups (instead of five). Bigger group sizes is great news as it means the children will be with more of their usual classmates for their final days in Hillcrest.

Realigning the groups means that your child may now have a slightly different group with a new lead adult and entrance/exit. The children were made aware of this in school today and the information will be added to Seesaw so that you can refer to it this weekend.


We look forward to seeing the children on Monday and wish you all a fabulous weekend.


Stay safe,

The Year 6 Team




We are very lucky at Hillcrest because we have so many amazing performers. We see it every year in your plays, your lessons and in the playground. We are always astounded by the poise, creativity, relish and flair Hillcrest children bring to the stage when we hold our annual Off By Heart poetry recital!


This is why we are a bit surprised that no children have signed up yet to be Doorstep Poets on the Hillcrest Poetry Trail on Friday, July 3rd. It would be great to have at least 10 of you, children and adults, to recite your chosen poem, just as you might normally do in front of a big audience in the playground, only on your own doorstep and to lots of small audiences instead.


If you’d like to be one of our fabulous Doorstep Poets, here is what you need to do:


  1. Let us know that you are interested by emailing by Tuesday, June 30th and let us know your address so we can add you to the trail map so your audiences know where to find you.
  2. Choose a poem (suggestions here, but feel free to choose from elsewhere too) and spend the next week learning it off by heart.
  3. Be at your house between 2-4pm on Friday, July 3rd so you can perform to Hillcrest children and their families if they ring your bell.
  4. Enjoy putting huge smiles on lots of faces.


We know it feels a bit scary but we also know that all of you have it in you to put on a wonderful poetry performance. Be brave and sign up; you won’t regret it.


If doorstep poetry isn’t for you, there are other ways you can be part of the poetry fun.



We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!


Design a Heartfelt Thanks badge - Following two Hillcrest children’s recent success in a design competition, the Department of Art have found another that children might like to enter. Mrs Bonner has chosen it as next week’s Art activity, here.



Future Stars Holiday Club at Hillcrest  - This is proving so popular that they’ve set up a second group to cope with the demand. There are still a few places left but don’t delay. Future Stars accept Childcare Vouchers.



Fast-Forward Football - Matt Hill will be running small group, socially distanced coaching sessions in Redcatch Park over the Summer. See his flyer here for details.



Sam, Tom and Betty Hague have been raising money for Show Racism the Red Card, inspired by Mr Barham’s Big Run. They completed the challenges they set themselves over two days  - Tom & Betty climbing the stairs 402 times (the height of Snowdon) and Sam mountain boarding 44 times down the hill at Perrett Park (twice the height of Snowdon). There are two cool videos on the Lockdown Social page - they’re well worth a watch. They’ve already raised over £200 but if you’d like to help them increase their total, there's still time to donate on their Just Giving page:



Lockdown Social page - Don’t forget to drop Juliet a line if you have something you’d like us to celebrate or share.



Look out for your next Mailbag on Tuesday.