Mailbag 28 April 2020


Mailbag 28 April 2020  Plain text version for Google Translatee


Hillcrest’s Got Talent - It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. The results are HERE!

We love ALL your fabulous entries, you talented lot! We’re going to keep them on the website for everyone to enjoy.


Handwriting Help - As we’re aware that some parents are concerned about their child’s handwriting during the lockdown we’ve asked Children’s Occupational Therapist, Caroline Currid, to provide a sheet of tips and ideas to help. You can find it under Learning at Home on the website here. Caroline specialises in supporting children with handwriting difficulties. Handwriting is highly complex, using motor, visual perception and cognitive skills. It is a skill that needs to be practiced regularly. She has some suggestions you can integrate into what you are doing at home that will help establish good habits and make a long-term impact on your children’s handwriting.


Zoom Meetings - We’ve added some more information to Learning at Home, here, about how the school is using Zoom for class meet ups. Please have a read.


We’re opening The Book Barn! If you would like to swap books pop into school any time between 8am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, when the office is (wo)manned. Obviously, if anyone else is around when you come please observe social distancing - only one family in the Book Barn at a time please.


Super Yummy Kitchen - Chartwells have launched their own kids’ cookery YouTube channel. Have a look at Hillcrest Social for details.


The Week Junior - We subscribe to this weekly magazine at school and children may be missing it. They are offering their digital magazine free to everyone for four weeks. It's available on line at You can also access it by searching "The Week Junior" in the iOS App Store and downloading the app. (They are developing an Android app but this isn't available yet.) Thanks to Donna Lyons for telling us about this.


Birthdays etc - Don’t forget to email Juliet if your child has a birthday coming up so we can give them a special mention on the Social page. And please keep sharing your photos and videos. If your child’s done something they’re particularly proud of please share it with Juliet (as well as sharing it with their own class on Seesaw) so we can celebrate them where everyone can see it.



Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday.