Mailbag 28 February 2020


Mailbag 28 February 2020  Plain text version for Google Translate


It was great to see all the children back on Tuesday, refreshed from the holidays.


A big thank you to Miss Silver for organising a Fair Trade producer to come and (with the help of an interpreter) talk to the children about the organisation and how they support small scale farmers.


I hope the Yr5 and 6 children enjoy the disco tonight and a big thank you to Friends whose volunteers organize and manage the discos for all the year groups.


I look forward to hearing all about Yr 5’s exciting Harry Potter Studios visit next Tuesday, and to seeing everyone dressed up to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend.


Climate March - Over 80 Hillcrest children went to College Green this morning to hear Greta Thunberg speak and join the demonstration. Thank you to parents for making sure they were in school before and after. The children who didn’t go were able to watch Greta via live stream in the classroom.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Here is the latest advice about the new coronavirus from Public Health England. We will be following local and national guidance and will keep you informed if there are any changes that affect the school. You can keep abreast of developments on the government website:


Yrs 5 & 6 Disco 6.30 - 8.00 this evening - Tickets will be on sale on the door. £4 including drinks and an ice lolly.


Bang on Time in the Line - On Monday, 20, on Tuesday, 21, on Wednesday 20 and today, 33 children had a disrupted start to their school day, arriving after their class had gone in. Please make sure your child is here, ready to join the line by ten to nine.


Yr 5 & 6 Netball is cancelled next Tuesday because Miss North will be out of school on the Yr 5 trip.


We’re dressing up for World Book Day next Thursday! The theme is characters from illustrated books - anything goes, from Alice in Wonderland to Peppa Pig!


Paper please! The children will be making a World Book Day collage next Thursday. Do you have any wrapping paper, dolls house wallpaper/flooring, small patterned wallpaper, tissue paper, magazines, origami paper etc. you could spare? Please drop it into the office.


The Travelling Books Fair will be open every day at 3.30, until next Wednesday, in the playground if the weather’s fine and in 2KL if it’s wet. There’s a great range of books to choose from, all at very reasonable prices (AND the school gets commission in the form of new books for our libraries). Do come and have a look!


School Packed Lunch - If your child would prefer a lunch bag - a sandwich, carrot/cucumber sticks, cake and a piece of fruit - instead of the hot school meal or salad bar, they can order one at morning registration from next Monday. The price is the same.


Book Barn Rewards!

  • Pick up a book token from the Book Barn - read a book - fill in book token - parent or carer signs it - put your book token in the book token box.


  • The year group with the most book tokens in the box at the end of a term will receive a £75 voucher to spend on books.


  • Each week in assembly, two book tokens will be pulled out of the book token box. Those children (and a friend of their choice) will go to Knowle Library for a special Friday afternoon at the end of term.


  • Mr McIntyre has secretly written the words ‘Book Barn Bonanza’ in three random books in the Book Barn. Any child finding his words in a book will win a £10 book voucher!


Parents’ Quiz Night, Friday 13th March - Brains in gear for this ever-popular Friends social!  

£5 entry, including curry and rice. Tickets on sale all week in the playground ‪from Monday 9th March. All proceeds will go towards new reading books.


Following the success of last years’ guest rounds (Cheese Tasting, British Citizenship and Animals), Friends are looking for budding quizmasters to guest this year. Do you fancy running a round? Photo, audio or video all available. They’re also in need of people to make curries! If you can help with either, please email Friends at:




COVID-19 advice

Parents’ Quiz Night poster

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Community Notices


Lavrak presents… Box of Tricks: A Family Circus Cabaret

With toys being upgraded, replaced, they are always new and improved,

What happens to the older toys that were worn and removed?

We’ve adopted them and learned that they put on quite the show,

So we’d like it if you’d join us, come in and say hello!


We’ve got flipping, bouncing, hula hooping toys in our box,

We can’t wait to open up and show you what we’ve got.


12pm and 2pm

4th April @ The Station, Bristol, BS1 2AG      Tickets are £7 from





Yr 1                 Yr 2                 Yr 3                 Yr 4                 Yr 5                 Yr 6


Yr 6 - This half term, we won’t be setting weekly homework tasks for the Yr 6 children.

Instead, Mr Taylor and Mr Boyle would like them to engage with the term's Big Plate/Small Plate Challenges (which are being uploaded onto Seesaw today) and practice the SATS materials that have brought home recently. There will still be weekly spellings which will be added to the website and Seesaw every Friday.



Look out for your next Mailbag on Tuesday.