Mailbag 3 April 2020


Mailbag 3 April 2020  Plain text version for Google Translate


Hi Everyone. Isn't it nice to see the sun? The news from us is that staff are happy and well. They have been getting more and more creative with their videos and even using puppets! I was introduced to Conrad in Reception this week and to Dougal in Year 1!


Some of you would like a break from school work over Easter and others would like to continue with the Home Learning Tasks. As a compromise, each year group has an optional Small/Large Plate Easter Challenge. You can find them in Learning at Home.


We’re also issuing a 'Just a Minute' challenge for those parents and children who would like to take part. The object of the game is to talk for sixty seconds on a subject of your choice, without hesitation, repetition or deviation! Good luck!


And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, there’s also a really fun art challenge from Mrs Bonner and Ms Sharples here.


We’re getting lots of entries for Hillcrest’s Got Talent too. Have a look in Hillcrest Social here. We extended the deadline to 24th April so you’ve got plenty of time to enter.


Send all your photos and video links to Mrs Fleming so she can upload them to the website. She’ll be keeping the Hillcrest Social page going through the holidays, so keep her posted with how you’re spending your ‘staycation’ and do check in here.


Happy Easter from the Hillcrest team.


Reception - Home learning can be uploaded to your child’s Tapestry online Learning Diary. The teachers have had a few queries about needing a See Saw login but we don’t use it in Reception. We use Tapestry instead. Please note that the Reception team won’t be monitoring Tapestry over the Easter Holidays – they need a break to be with their own families. They will come back refreshed and reconnect with the children through Tapestry after the holidays.



There are two new pages under the Learning at Home Tab:

French activities from Miss Wilson - here

Department of Art - Look here for an exciting challenge from Mrs Bonner and Ms Sharples.


Enjoy the Friends of Hillcrest Family Egg Hunt on your daily walks for exercise!

Friends of Hillcrest are pleased to announce that, after careful consideration of the Government Covid-19 lockdown guidelines, and having taken advice from Avon and Somerset Police, our Family Egg Hunt will be going ahead over the Easter holidays.

The hunt is on to find 14 Easter egg posters in windows around the neighbourhood! Each egg has an accompanying letter. Collect all the letters to reveal a secret message!


Look out for the eggs while you’re out for your once-daily exercise. They’ll be up for over two weeks, so families will have plenty of time to find all of them without risking congestion on local streets. If you’re taking part, do remember to keep a safe 2 metres from anyone who isn’t part of your household. If you get to an egg location and another family are already there, please give them space and time to move on.  And, as always, when you’ve been out and about, remember to wash your hands when you get home!


Instructions, clues and the official egg hunt map can be found here.


If family circumstances permit, please would you consider making a voluntary donation of £2 to Friends of Hillcrest via All funds raised by Friends are used to enrich our children’s school experience. 


If you are in a household that is self-isolating and would still like to take part, please email your answers to any clue(s) to If you are correct, we will send you a photo of the egg you have found.


Finally, do send photos of your egg hunting journeys to for the Hillcrest Social page.


Wishing you safe and happy hunting!    




The Little Linguists Spanish Club is now online. We use the app Zoom to deliver live interactive lessons.  If you would like to join Spanish club please contact us at:



Reception and Year 1 (£15 for the term)

All welcome no prior knowledge of Spanish needed.  Every Monday at 3.30pm to 4pm


Years 2 and 3 (£15 for the term)

Some prior knowledge of Spanish a benefit.  Every Monday at 2pm to 2.30pm


Years 4 to 6 (£15 for the term)

Prior knowledge of Spanish essential as this class has progressed to intermediate level.  Every Monday at 2.45pm to 3.15pm


Beginners and Parents Spanish (£25 for the term)

If you child is a beginner in years 2-6 and would like to do an introductory course with a view to joining the main group at a later stage please get in touch.  Classes will be on Wednesday afternoons.


Parents Spanish

If you would like to learn Spanish please get in touch at – We can either arrange online group classes or individual classes




The Festival of Nature Team have created some resources for taking part in the City Nature Challenge, a huge citizen science wildlife-recording project!


About City Nature Challenge

This year the Festival of Nature will be moving our programming to digital platforms, this will kick off at the beginning of April with the City Nature Challenge


Throughout April, May and June we will be encouraging people to record animals, plants and fungi from their windows, balconies, gardens or during their daily walk, using the iNaturalist app.  You can also join the big international Challenge weekend on 24th-27th April when over 200 cities will be active at once.  The recordings made on the app will help local and national conservationists.  


The Resources

The teaching resources have been designed for KS1, KS2 and KS3 students and can be found on our website here:


They are packed full of activity ideas and instructions of how to get involved in the challenge.




A message to the Lunchtime Chess Club members from Alan Tanner - I'm sorry we haven't been able to finish Chess Club properly this year.


I haven't been able to tell you how much I have enjoyed it this year, and I hope you have as well. You have all been great sports, and the focus and endeavour you have shown is clear. You have shown great sporting spirit. You have not regarded your opponent as an enemy you must defeat, but as a partner with whom you must cooperate to enjoy a game of Chess.

I especially want to thank those in Year 6. You have taken the opportunity to meet with your friends with focus and determination, to learn and develop at playing this marvellous game. I have known many of you for two years, and it is a delight to have witnessed your Chess and personal development over that time. I hope you keep it up. If your new school doesn't have a Chess Club to join, then create one!

Here's to Chess and its sport, science and art! And, of course, to Chess Club!




Your next Mailbag will be on the first Tuesday of the new term. Do keep in touch with school via the Hillcrest Social page in the meantime.