Mailbag 3 July 2020






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As you know, it is the government’s wish that all pupils, in all year groups, return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term. The guidelines for schools were published yesterday. We have begun making plans for this behind the scenes and will give you a full run down of what this will look like at Hillcrest in the Mailbag on Friday 10th July.

I can tell you that we will continue to have staggered break and lunch-times and your children will be using one of our seven entrances at drop-off and pick-up. Your child will either arrive and leave school at 8.45-3.15pm or at 9am-3.30pm. The children will be in for five full days a week, not finishing on Friday lunchtimes, as we are at present, and we’ll be back in school uniform.

Breakfast Club will be running, and Gator Club, but just until 5pm for the first term. We hope, also, to be able to offer some enrichment clubs in Term 1, run by our external providers. Teacher-led enrichment clubs will return in Term 2.

I know there have been headlines regarding ‘fining’ parents if children don’t attend school September. As Hillcrest is a Local Authority school we will take our guidelines from them. However, we will work closely with individual families and discuss their concerns so that we all reach a satisfactory conclusion. Our number one priority has, and always will be, the safety and well-being of our staff and pupils.

Meet The New Teacher Zoom dates and times - This will give you and your child an opportunity to say hello to their new teacher and answer any questions you may have.

There are two meetings available for each class but you only have to choose one. We will email the log-in details to you and also put them up on your child’s current class' Seesaw.


Meet the new teacher – Zoom Meetings




1JF Kestrel

Thurs 16th July 11-11.30am

Thurs 16th 4-4.30pm

1MH Eagle

Thurs 16th July 1.30-2pm

Thurs 16th 3.45-4.15pm

2WW Toucan

Tues 14th July 12.30-1pm

Weds 15th 3.45-4.15pm

2KL Magpie

Fri 10th July 1-1.30pm

Tues 14th July 4-4.30pm

3DB Kingfisher

Thurs 9th July 3.45-4.15pm

Mon 13th July 3.45-4.15pm

3NA Chaffinch

Weds 15th July 10-10.30am

Weds 15th July 4.15-4.45pm

4SL Robin

 Fri 10th July 5-5.30pm

Tues 14th July 2-2.30pm

4CS Wren

Tues 14th July 1-1.30pm

Tues 14th 4.15-4.45pm

5WL Woodpecker

5EN Canary

Tues 14th July 3.45-4.15pm

Weds 15th 10-10.30am

6RT Owls

Weds 15th July 11-11.30am

Weds 15th 3.45-4.15pm

6PB Swift

Thurs 16th 10-10.30am

Thurs 16th July 4-4.30pm


Curriculum Meetings - At the beginning of the Autumn term we will be holding real, live Curriculum Meetings for parents. This will be a further opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher. They will be talking through ‘The Year Ahead’. This will include timetables, expectations, how we teach Maths, English and Enquiries and as well as the other curriculum subjects, homework, Reading and a whole lot more! The meetings will be from 5.30 - 6.00pm on:

Weds 2nd Sept Yr 6

Thurs 3rd Sept Yr 1

Mon 7th Sept Yr 2

Tues 8th Sept Yr 5

Weds 9th Sept Yr 4

Thurs 10th Sept Yr 3


To allow for social distance, we will have two meetings at the same time for each year group, one class in the small hall and the other in the big hall.


The slides from the presentation, and answers to frequently asked questions, will be available on the website if you are not available to attend in person.


If you would like a new house PE t-shirt for your child they will be available to buy at the meeting. They cost £4 each.



House Point Competition - This week’s winning forfeit was from Discovery's Isla in Year 1. She has requested that Mrs Flook dunk her head and face in a bowl of cold custard. We are delighted to tell you that Mrs Flook will be doing this next Wednesday! We’ll send the video to everyone in Discovery!


This week's winning house is Adventure. who managed to collect a massive 108 House Points. Children from Adventure can now suggest a forfeit for willing teachers to do at school. Email your suggestions to


Next week's House Point Competition starts now. Remember it is up to your parents what you earn the points for. It could be for school work or for just helping out around the house. Email your House Points to the address above.



Poetry Trail - What a great afternoon we’ve had! It was lovely to see so many families out and about, enjoying all the amazing children’s poems on display around the trail AND the doorstep poetry recitals! You can see our doorstep performances, along with all the videos people have sent in of children and staff reciting the poems they’ve learned, on the website here. Well done everyone!



The final week of term - Well, Hillcrest, what a very strange year this has turned out to be!

It will definitely be one to tell the grandkids about. And while you are regaling them with talk of lockdown, you might just mention your final week of this academic year, because we are signing out with a bang!


We have a week of not one, but FIVE theme days for online and in-school learners to get their teeth into:


  • Monday, July 13th - History Day - Spend the day learning more about the 143-year history of our school and the local area. For instance, did you know that the school was lit by gas lamps when it first opened?


  • Tuesday, July 14th - DT Day - A tomato challenge. Get your structure right or things will get messy very quickly.


  • Wednesday, July 15th - Sports Day - Redcatch Park will host a social-distanced festival of sport with lots of your classic events. Get up there between 9.30am-3.30pm and win points for your house.


  • Thursday, July 16th - Kindness Day - As the Aussies say, everybody needs good neighbours and that is certainly true here in our community. Your day will centre on you looking out for your neighbours and neighbourhood.


  • Friday, July 17th - Celebration Day - With another school year behind us, it will be time to reflect and to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our classmates.


More details of all these theme days will follow next week but it promises to be a fun final week.



Year 5’s Zoom Session - Mr Wilson and Mrs Liv will be getting together for a joint Yr 5 Zoom next week at 3.30 on Tuesday. This is a change for Canaries, who usually meet on Fridays. The details will be posted on Seesaw.



Look out for your next Mailbag on Tuesday.