Mailbag 3 March 2020


Mailbag 3 March 2020   Plain text version for Google Translate


COVID-19 - As you probably know, the government advice at the moment is to carry on as normal for the time being. The action plan, released today says:


“The current data seem to show that we are all susceptible to catching this disease, and thus it is more likely than not that the UK will be significantly affected. Among those who become infected, some will exhibit no symptoms. Early data suggest that of those who develop an illness, the great majority will have a mild-to-moderate, but self-limiting illness - similar to seasonal flu.”


We will be having a whole-school assembly on Friday morning to talk to the children and staff about the sensible precautions we can all take (according to Public Health England’s advice, here).  


Teachers are making sure that all children wash their hands thoroughly with soap and hot water at several key points throughout the day. Paul will ensure that soap dispensers are kept topped up at all times. Both halls and the entrance lobby have hand gel dispensers and teachers will be prompting children to use them. We have also ordered gel for every classroom.


If you, or someone you or a family member have been in close contact with:


  • have recently returned from one of the hotspots,
  • are planning to travel to one of the hotspots,
  • have a fever and sore throat,  
  • are diagnosed with the virus,


in the first instance, please call NHS 111 for advice. Please ring the school to find out whether your child should come to school or not.


If your child has a fever (38°C /100.4°F or more) the usual NHS guidelines apply. Please do not bring them into school until their temperature is back to normal (37°C / 98.6°F) without medication. If your child develops a fever during the school day we will call you to pick them up.


We will continue to follow local and national guidelines for educational settings and keep you informed of any changes.


Save the Children - Hillcrest children raised a fantastic £565.12 for the charity by wearing their festive woollies and donating £1 on Christmas Jumper Day in December. Thank you.


Sports for Schools - Even more astonishing... they raised £3583.27 in January in the Fitness Circuit event with GB Paralympic footballer and FA coach, Jack Rutter. What an amazing achievement! Thank you to families and friends for sponsoring the children, and to parents for helping them to collect their sponsorship money and hand it in.


Travelling Books Book Fair - Tomorrow is the last day of the fair! Don’t miss out. It will be in the playground or in 2KL’s classroom, depending on the weather, after school.


School Packed Lunches - The new lunch bags seem to be going down well. Don’t forget that children can order this option at morning registration. They DO need to make clear to the teacher that they mean a School packed lunch, and don’t just say ‘Packed Lunch’.


Don’t forget we’re dressing up as our favourite illustrated characters for World Book Day on Thursday!



Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday.