Mailbag 8 November 2019

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Mailbag 8 November 2019

I spent a delightful morning in our Parrots and Puffins classes this week, who were the final year group to make muffins. It occurred to me earlier in the week, thank goodness, that I would need some help... enter Yr 6!  Each Yr 6 child had two Reception children to cook with. The Yr 6s modelled how to whisk, stir, chop, mash and pour the ingredients needed for the perfect banana muffin.  Although I knew the older children would help practically I had no idea just how fabulous the interactions between the two age groups would be:

 “Miss Norman’s coming round with the magic fairy dust which will help your cakes rise.”

“I’ve told my two to have a go but if they need help to just ask me.”

And, as an egg got cracked on the table rather than into the bowl, “Shall we just scoop it up into the bowl?”

The Book Barn is such a success that we’ve invested in a big summer-house to house it permanently. The flat pack pieces have arrived and Ciaran and I will be attempting to put it together after school next Tuesday. Anyone that knows their way round a screw driver and could give us a hand will be welcomed with open arms, chocolate biscuits and mugs of tea!

The Book Fair has arrived! It will be open after school from Monday to Thursday next week, in the playground, weather permitting. If it’s rainy we’ll have it in 2KL’s classroom. Come for a browse and grab some bargains for Christmas. Every book sold earns the school commission to stock our libraries.

Children in Need Appeal - We know that this is coming up next Friday. Although it’s a great cause, and children may well want to do their own fundraising for it at home, we won’t be doing anything in school for it this year. This is because we are going to be taking part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 13th December instead. A reminder and further details will be in the mailbag nearer to the time. 

Date Change - The Maths Open Doors Day will be on Monday 2nd December, (not 29th November as previously advertised, because some teachers will be out on a course that day).

Yr 4 Camp meeting for parents - 5.30pm on Wednesday 27th November.

Yr 4 Lining up and Pick up Point - It’s a bit of a scrum by the front door at the start and end of the school day so from Monday we are going to try lining up, and being collected, by the big fishy mural in the KS1 playground instead.

Head Lice - Everybody, and Yr 4 parents in particular, please check your child’s hair for lice and nits thoroughly tonight.

Pick up arrangements - Don’t forget you can text us to let us know of any changes to your usual pick up arrangements. Pop the number in your phone contacts: 0117 3250117

Friends Meeting 8.00pm on Monday the 11th at 260 Wells Road, BS4 2PN. All welcome. Knock on the door rather than ringing the bell or ring 07796 94485, to avoid waking the children please.



Yrs 3 & 4 Ukulele Performance

Term 2 Newsletters and timetables for all year groups are on the website now:

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As is this week’s homework:

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