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Music and Singing Activities


Teach your siblings and family some of our warm up games…..or make up your own!

     The Telephone Game

     Name Game

     Boom Chicka Boom


     Pass the Sound

     Silent Zoo


SING UP - You can sign up as a Friend of SingUp and get access to free songs and music.


APPS -  There are some really great music Apps, most you do have to pay for though, but offer free trials. Mazaam, Toc and Roll (1.99) but a great little music creator. 


PIANO - challenge to learn a tune to be able to play when we return.


MUSICIANS, SINGERS, PERFORMERS - Many children who have lessons are missing out on gradings and performances they were due to do over the next few weeks.

It would be wonderful to encourage them to film and upload themselves playing or performing so we can encourage and celebrate them and share their talents with the rest of the school community.



Using the rhythm skills we’ve learnt in Handa’s Surprise find a favourite picture book and see if you can create your own rhythms, Handa’s Surprise is on YouTube to practise.


Listen to a piece of instrumental music and draw how it makes you feel.  Use just one or two coloured pencils or crayons.  Try not to draw ‘things’ but create your own mood symbols and shapes.



Listen to a piece of instrumental music and draw how it makes you feel. Use just one or two coloured pencils, crayons, or pastels. Try not to draw ‘things’ but create your own mood symbols and shapes. See how it builds up. Try several different styles of music and see how they differ.

Create your own Life soundtrack - consider your character traits, hobbies, family members etc. 

I’ll add more ideas and activities as we go.


Mrs Price



More Ideas! Added 27 March

This link is a nice game that the whole family could do and is similar to things I’ve done with the children at school. It reinforces what they have already learnt about some basic musical notes and rhythm. Have fun!


More for KS1and lower KS2 – but Upper KS2 do often like revisiting these games too. This is a clip of another group warm up we do in school. Again, the children could teach the family and make up their own voices/actions.



Update on 3rd April


KS1 & KS2 - Myleene Klass has some new videos on things we've learnt in school. Children could teach their grown ups and consolidate at the same time, this week


and for next week


The children can use any household utensil, they don't have to have a standard instrument. 


KS1 Barefoot books are super and we learnt Up,up,up a while back.  Here it is again to share:


Some other great Barefoot songs are:

Over In The Meadow

If You're Happy and You Know It



(Some KS1) & KS2 - Love Sweet Love is a gorgeous song to learn if your child likes to sing.


KS2 This is the Virtual Choir singing one of our songs 'Rise Up' that we've been learning as a Key Stage song, It's beautiful and very apt. It'll be great if the kids would like to sing to their grown ups, and even to us. I've attached the words in case they need a little reminder.


Before we broke up some of the children had been asking to learn the Cup Song and actions, so how could I refuse?

Cup Song Tutorial   

Cup Song Music