Adoption Champions

Adopted children are also entitled to support offered through the pupil premium grant. The school will only receive the correct pupil premium funding for its adopted children if they have been registered and proof of adoption has been seen by the school.
As well as using the pupil premium funding to support pupils' achievement and emotional well being, Hillcrest is committed to providing some extra support for adopted children and their familes.
Here is a brief outline of the support we put in place for all adopted children:
  • Upon entry to Hillcrest all adoptive parents are entitled to a meeting with a senior leader, the SENCO and the class teacher to discuss any particular needs of the child.
  • Annual attachment workshop day with an external professional and class teacher.
  • 3 x extended parent meetings a year.
  • 3 x coffee morning hosted by a school 'adoption champion' parent.
  • 100% funding for Yr 4 and Yr 6 residential trips.
  • up to £100 towards clubs per year
Additional Support
As with any child who has additional needs, the school's ongoing assessments may identify extra support and provision that may benefit.
Please visit our Pupil Premium Strategy page to learn more about the support the school puts in place through its use of the pupil premium grant.