Pupil Voice

At Hillcrest Primary we believe that all pupils should have the opportunities to share their pupil voice. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Pupils have opportunities to take on student leadership roles which include: House Captains, Rights Respecting Ambassadors, Green Team members, Librarians and Buddies, and opportunities to take on specific roles in their class
  • The school council (as represented by our House Captains) play a major part in providing a structured and systematic approach to enable all pupils to share their ideas, views and concerns about the school and wider community
  • Pupils have regular opportunities to discuss issues that may arise in school through structured activities like 'circle time'.
  • The curriculum allows opportunities for pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding when using their pupil voice.
  • Pupils have opportunities to brainstorm ideas at the beginning of the topics and review their learning at the end of the topic
  • Our Hillcrest House Captains help to host Open Doors day at the end of each term.
  • The pupils take part in weekly philosophy lessons in order to investigate key spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.


We provide opportunities for pupils to express their opinions, ideas and thoughts by asking whole school questions which are then discussed and acted upon by the House Captains and Vice Captains and Hillcrest Staff.

  1. Each month House Captains talk to their classes about any topics, issues and concerns that should be discussed.
  2. House Captains choose and agree on one area and think about one monthly question for the whole school to discuss.
  3. The monthly question is the first agenda item for the team to discuss with their class at the class meetings.
  4. Children from each class then record their responses and ideas on a colour coded post it and this is displayed on the pupil view board.
  5. At the next meeting, House Captains collect all the post-its. They read through the post-its and then discuss how the school should respond to the ideas .
  6. House Captains will then agree about what actions the school will do and this will be shared with everyone