Reception - Yr 5 SRE letter 8 June 2021


Dear Parents and Carers

We have reached that point in the school year where we are due to teach PSHE units about ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’. Due to the sometimes personal and sensitive nature of these topics, we wanted to share with you what will be covered in each year group. See overleaf.

Although Relationships is a statuory aspect that has to be covered in school lessons, you do have the right to withdraw your child from the Sex Education (Changing Me) if you feel it is in their best interest.

Please be aware that teachers may choose to also lightly incorporate concepts from the previous year group as children may have missed this because of the Lockdown this time last year.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Kind regards


Mrs Willis

Relationships & Sex Education Lead







Changing Me







My family and me, Making and keeping friends (how friends stop me feeling lonely & problem solving to stay friends), Falling out (impact of unkind words & ways of managing my feelings), Being the best friend I can be.



My body (naming body parts), Respecting my body, Growing up (growing from babies to adults), Fun and Fears (feelings about moving on to year 1).


Year 1


Families, Making friends, Greetings (including physical contact), People who help us, Being my own best friend, Celebrating my special relationships.


Life cycles (of animals and humans), Changing me (things that have changed about me and things that have stayed the same), My changing body (what has changed since I was a baby), Boys’ and Girls’ bodies (using the correct names for parts of our bodies that are different between boys and girls), Learning and growing, Coping with changes.



Year 2


Families, Keeping Safe (exploring physical contact), Friends and conflict, Trust and appreciation, Celebrating my special relationships.



Life cycles in nature, Growing from young to old, Boys’ and Girls’ bodies (using the correct names for body parts), Assertiveness, Looking ahead (to year 3).


Year 3


Family roles and responsibilities, Friendships, Keeping myself safe online, Being a global citizen (influential people & understanding my needs and rights), Appreciating my friends and family.



How babies grow, Babies (growing inside the mother & what a baby needs to live and grow), Outside body changes, Inside body changes, Family stereotypes, Looking ahead (to year 4).


Year 4


Jealousy, Love and loss, Memories (about someone I no longer see), Getting on and falling out, Girlfreinds and Boyfriends, Celebrating my relationships with people and animals.



Unique me, Having a baby (labelling body parts necessary for making a baby), Girls and puberty (body changes), Accepting change, Looking ahead (to year 5).


Year 5


Recognising me, Safety with online communities, Being in an online community, Online gaming, My relationship with technology (screen time), Relationships and technology (staying safe when using technology to communicate with my friends).



Self and body image, Puberty for Girls, Puberty for Boys, Conception (how babies are usually made & how some people need IVF to have a baby), Looking ahead 1 (to becoming a teenager), Looking ahead 2 (to Year 6).