Reception 2014/15 Term 6

Here is our topic web for this term, available to download below.
It was Pet Day today!  Lots of different animals came to visit us in our classrooms - a hamster, a chicken, four guinea pigs, two cats, two dogs and two tortoises (a 7 year old and a 60 year old!).  
We found out all sorts of interesting things about them.  We were very gentle,calm and quiet so we didn't frighten the animals. 
We have been learning about animals that help us and we were very lucky to have a visit from lovely Inca, who is a Guide Dog.  We found out all about how Inca helps his owner.  We had a obstacle couse set up in the hall so he could show us how good he is at guiding her.
Inca was very calm and well behaved and we all gave him a little pat or a stroke at the end to say thank you.
There were some aliens in school today!
Proudly displaying a swimming certificate!  We like to celebrate out-of-school achievements as well as things children do in school.
One of our Science Week activities.  We started out with two cups of coloured water and an empty cup in the middle.  The water travelled, by capillary action, through the tissue until there was an equal amount of water (a mixture of the two colours) in the empty beaker in the middle!
Another experiment.... investigating osmosis.
We turned white sweetpeas pink by putting the stalks into red ink!  
Here are ALL our fabulous mixed up animals!  We created them on the computer and then painted their portraits  We had a proper art exhibition in the hall for grownups to see.  Miss Norman says they are so wonderful they are going to be displayed in the corridor next year!
We're writing about ourselves for our new teachers in September.