Reception Term 1 2016

Here's our topic web for Term 1, available to download below.
Mr Dean, the caretaker, has painted us a wonderful, swashbuckling scene to go with our pirate ship!
There's an airport cum aeroplane in RCW's classroom this term!
First day!
We started to learn the song we'll sing each day before we go home.  We can already do some of the actions!
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Today we're making SCHULTUTES!

"The tradition of the "Schultüte" leads back to approximately 1810, to Saxony and Thuringia in Germany. The first documented report of the cone-shaped Schultüte comes from the city of Jena in 1817 [1], closely followed by reports from Dresden (1820) and Leipzig (1836). It started in the bigger cities but spread quickly to the small towns and villages, soon becoming an institution all over Germany.

At first the practice of the school cone, which did not spread to other parts of Germany at this time, was to not give the bag to the kids directly. Marked with the students' names, they were taken to the school by grandparents or godparents and in a ritual, reminiscent of the Mexican piñata, hung on a metal "Schultüten-Baum" (School cone tree) from which each child had to pick his or her cone, without breaking it. The story told to the children goes, that there is a Schultütenbaum growing at the school, and if the fruits (the Schultüten) are ripe and big enough to pick, it's time to go to school for the first time.

The only custom that has changed in the latter half of the 20th century is that fewer sweets seem to appear in the Schultüte, with more practical gifts such as crayons and pencils, small toys, CDs, books and even articles of clothing replacing the traditional chocolates and candies. These are traditionally given by grandparents who also take the child out to dinner the evening before school begins."  Wikipedia

Settling in and having fun!
Look at this fantastic play dough bug!
We've been very busy drawing pictures to put on our PE tee-shirts.  Then we helped Mrs Wyatt to iron the transfers on.  Now everyone's tee-shirt is unique!
Beautiful flower arrangements!
Parachute play.  When Mrs Wyatt says "Everyone wearing a cardigan!" or "Everyone having hot dogs for lunch" we run underneath and change places!  We have to listen carefully and decide if it's our turn to run across.  It's a really fun game! 
Our first school dinner!
Being awarded 'Wow! Stars' for achievements at home.  The class helped to decide which of the four elements the stars should be for - Resilience, Innovation, Partnership or Excellence.
Our 'Wow!' board...
Look at our lovely hens!  We can't wait to get our REAL hens in the playground!
Show and tell.  Treasure.... some shiny, glassy, black slag from old lead smelting works in the Mendips.
We've been learning about Martin Luther King....
... and sharing our own dreams about a better world.