We are committed to ensuring the safety of every child at Hillcrest.

The school’s designated safeguarding leader is the  the Headteacher Bridget Norman.

Here are the ways that parents and carers can help keep the school safe:


  • Make sure your child is in school on time at 8:50am

  • Be ready to collect your child from school at 3:30pm.

  • Vacate the school site by 9:10am and 4.00pm so we can keep our site secure.

  • Inform a member of staff if someone else is picking up your child.

  • Always report to the school office first, if you are visiting the school for any reason during the day.

  • Read and sign our ‘Visitor’s Safeguarding Information’ guide at the office when you visit the school.

  • Remember to sign in and collect a lanyard from the office (and to sign out and return it when you leave).

  • Wear your lanyard so everyone can see it.

  • Make sure that a member of staff understands why you are visiting.

  • Respect teaching and learning and avoid entering the classroom during the day.

  • Follow any member of staff’s instruction if you are in school.

  • Follow our school rules: be safe, be kind, be respectful.


Child Protection

The school’s lead child protection officer is Headteacher, Bridget Norman.

All staff complete regular child protection training and are qualified to recognise the signs that could indicate a child is at risk from harm. If for any reason you are concerned about a child’s welfare please ask to meet with Miss Norman to discuss your concern.

You can also contact:

First Response: 0117 9036444

Anyone can ring First Response if they are concerned about a child or young person.

Our safeguarding and child protection policy can be found here.


Pastoral Support

Our school’s Safeguarding & Family Support Worker is Tina Allen-Cowles. She works with lots of children and families and supports them in many different ways. If you need to talk to anyone about a pastoral, social or emotional concern then contact the school and arrange a time to meet with Tina.

Tina is also able to direct people to other support services that they may not be aware of, such as Bristol’s Families in Focus service. These support services can help families in all sorts of situations.


Social and emotional support

We are aware that sometimes school can be difficult for children. Everyone, at some point, may feel sad, or worried, about something and need some help. Every class has a ‘worry box’ where children can communicate with their teacher if they need some help. If you are concerned about your child’s well-being, the class teacher is the best person to talk to first. Tina is also someone who can help, as is Sally Hornsby, our Nurture Lead. In some cases, it may be appropriate for the school to use some external services to support children, such as Butterfly therapy. In these cases, it is likely that the school SENCO or a member of the school’s senior leadership team, will help determine what the best support will be.