SEN and additional needs information and resources

HERE are some useful and fun websites and resources recommended by our Children's Occupational Therapist. Most of them are free to access and can help your child develop the following skills;

  • Gross Motor- Large body movements; coordination, strength and stability
  • Fine motor skills- Hand dexterity, manipulation and strength e.g. Using pens, pencils, zips, buttons and cutlery
  • Visual Perception- Hand eye coordination, Handwriting and laying out their work.
  • Sensory processing- Concentration, Attention, Keeping calm and Sleep.


Message from the Bristol Autism Team

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health have published a special podcast for parents of autistic children and young people to help manage issues arising in the current coronavirus crisis. It includes practical tips for managing anxiety, maintaining structure and support, and explaining the situation. It also includes tips on how to keep well as a parent and reliable sources for coronavirus updates. Here is the hyperlink:



Social story about coronavirus: 

or easy read info at:


Visual and practical TEACCH style activity ideas: 


Printable visual and practical TEACCH style activities:


Stories and activities for all age groups