Spelling Day

27th September 2019
Today I told the parents who came to our Spelling Open Doors morning that I have challenged the children at our school to raise their standards, particularly in writing. Click on the link below to download the slides from this morning's presentation.
Our ethos for writing is that we 'Write for the Reader'. The children are introduced to a reader at the start of every lesson so they understand who their audience is and what their audience wants. To help the children give the reader what they want we are having a big focus on the Hillcrest Standard (see the link below), improving spelling and improving handwriting.
There will be Hillcrest Standard stickers, spelling certificates, spelling assemblies and handwriter of the term awards to celebrate the children who are striving to raise their standards.
There will be support on hand for children who may be struggling. This will include a Spelling Tactics workshop for children who got less than 7/10 in their weekly spelling test.
I will also be asking teachers to send children who are struggling to meet the Hillcrest Standard to me so I can offer my support.
The goal is that the whole Hillcrest community - staff, children and parents - support one another in our quest to raise our standards. Not just in writing but in everything we do.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Ciaran McIntyre
Deputy Head