Spelling Day

23rd November 2018

Today was Spelling Day at Hillcrest. It was a jam-packed day of S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G as the children visited every teacher in the school to learn different strategies. They will come home with 12 strategies to help them with their spelling both at home, and here at school.


Spelling Day has also been about the fun of learning to spell new words and the sense of achievement when you finally nail a tricky word. We would like the children to continue the spelling spirit at home so please encourage your child to use Spellodrome regularly or, if they would rather practise away from the screen, get them to use one of their 12 strategies to spell their Spellodrome words on paper.


If you have lost or forgotten your child’s login details for Spellodrome, please let their class teacher know or the office so they can remind you.


Here are some photos of our carousel of spelling activities: