13th March 2018

This year Hillcrest are involved in a new initiative called Rocket Fund.

Rocket Fund is an online platform which allows schools to fund-raise for the latest technology.


Here at Hillcrest we are committed to trialing the latest technology and developing our students’ digital skills. We wish to raise £1,400 to purchase twelve Sphero SPRK+ droids to help our children understand Java and block coding by inputting the code on the iPads and seeing how it directly affects a droid.  Sphero also has the capabilities to record velocity, acceleration, g-forces and deceleration through the inbuilt systems.

Funding new technology in schools has always been a challenge, so we’ve create a project on Rocket Fund to see if we can raise money from our community.


To see our project please go here:



Every little helps, but don't worry if you can’t donate right now - we would be grateful if you could share this project with as many people as possible: on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or just over the fence!


We are also keen for local businesses to support us so if you have any contacts who may be interested in supporting this project, please get in touch here:



Many thanks,

Sue Loader and Natalie Ackerman