Starting school at Hillcrest

This is our school.  It's called Hillcrest Primary School.
Here are the people who will look after you at school.
These are our Reception classrooms.
This is where we hang our coats.  
You will have a special peg with your name on it.
Here are the toilets.  
They are just the right size for us.   
You can choose to learn in lots of different areas...
This is the Role Play area where we pretend to be
all sorts of things!
We learn about letters and practice
our reading and writing in the Literacy areas.
There are LOTS of things to do in the fresh air
in our Outside area.
We learn all about numbers in the Maths area.
We make some lovely things in the Creative area.
We make and build in the Small Construction area.
We investigate all sort of things in the Discovery area.
We can use the computer and the interactive whiteboard.
At lunch time we have school dinner or packed lunch in the Big Hall...
At play-time we have fun in the big playground.
We take it in turns to go to Forest School.  
We put on our wellies and waterproofs
and have fun in the woods!
We can't wait for you to come and join us!