After School Activity Clubs and Extended Day Care

Our SuperStars Specialists...

SuperStars Clubs

Coaches Hannah and Sam offer a creative club and a sports club each day (Monday to Thursday), from 3.30 to 4.30, one for Reception and KS1 and one for KS2. On Fridays there is one sports club for all ages (you can find details of the term's activities on the Enrichment Programme downloadable below).

For families who need extended child care, they also offer a Chill Out Club, from 4.45 - 6.00, for all ages. Children can relax, watch a DVD, draw and colour, read, play with Lego etc. They will have a light snack, eg. rice cakes, fruit and a drink.

Each session costs £5

Here is the link to book places:     

The phone number, for booking queries only, is 0345 241 3682

(questions about activities etc. should be directed to the school office).


Once you have registered your child, choose from the drop down menu:

‘Hillcrest KS1’ (to book the 3.30 - 4.30 session for Reception and Yrs 1 & 2)

‘Hillcrest KS2’ (to book the 3.30 - 4.30 session for Yrs 3,4,5 & 6)

‘Hillcrest Wraparound Care’ (to book the 4.45 - 6.00 session, for all year groups). 

You will find the clubs listed just as Key Stage1, Key Stage 2 and Wraparound Care and the date, not the name of the activity, so you will also need to refer to the school's termly Enrichment Programme, downloadable below.

You will receive a confirmation email giving the dates and sessions you have booked.

Important: The booking system is short of a couple of boxes at the moment. Until this is sorted out, please can we ask you to tick ‘Does your child require any additional support?’ and enter your child’s Class and who will pick them up, or give permission to walk home alone, in the pop up box?

Thank you.

SuperStars would prefer bookings by term but you can also book by week or by day. However, bookings MUST be made by midnight on Friday for the following week. 

Childcare Vouchers - We are assured that SuperStars’ Ofsted registration process is in the final stages. Once that is in place they will be able to take vouchers. We will let you know the minute this happens. In the meantime, unfortunately, you will have to pay to book sessions (non-refundable). 


Picking up from clubs 

When the gate is locked and the school office is closed, please call Hannah on 07597 082313, or Sam on 07516 630434 for access.