Swimming Gala result 28 November 2019

Hillcrest Swim Team take second place at BNSC Schools Gala

On Wednesday night, a group of Hillcrest pupils were selected to take part in the first heat of BNSC Schools Gala.

The swim team comprised eight Yr 5 children:

Kurt Jacobs, Maisie Thorn, Josh Musson, Lydia Chesterman, Ollie Hoare, Jet Ward, Harry Nias, Molly Ross,

and eight Yr 6 children:

Noah Long, Freya Stayte, Fin Kelly, Marcus Perry, Clemmie Smith, Olive Knowles, Eloise Brown and Ollie Howells.

The atmosphere poolside was electric and the children quickly settled into the competition. From the very start, it was obvious that the competition was incredibly strong; there were several children from other schools who wouldn’t be out of place in an aquarium – such was their technique and grace in the water!

However, Hillcrest showed their fortitude and tenacity by coming top three in many events. Because the competition was an accumulation of all the timings, Hillcrest’s consistency really paid off!

At the end of the evening, the eight person Canon was raced. With all the spectators whooping and cheering (the noise was tremendous), the last – most prestidgious - race began. After several swimmers, it was neck-and-neck between Hillcrest in lane 1 and our neighbours in lane 2. The roar of the crowd grew to a deafening din as lane 1 and 2 came in for their final lap. With only 5 meters to go, there was only a hair’s width in it! Both teams were bearing down on the finishing wall. The sound from the crowd reached a dizzying height. Then, right at the last microsecond, Ollie Howells thrust his hand to the wall, beating his rival by a fraction of an inch! Hillcrest supporters went wild.

The announcements were made shortly after. Hillcrest came second overall, with the winners only 6 points ahead.

It was a night filled with great racing and individual efforts, but the thing that I was most proud of was Hillcrest’s team spirit on the night – congratulating each other, cheering each other on and giving advice and guidance. It was lovely to see such comradery.

Thank you to all of the parents that came to support the team, but a special thanks to Kerry Long for organising the children for their events and to Nathan Kelly for being the official Hillcrest timekeeper.
Looking forward to our second Gala on 5th December.

Mr Boyle