Teaching ICT

Computing @ Hillcrest

At Hillcrest we are adventuring into the World of Computing.  We will be creating our own programmes, creating our own e-books, writing blogs and even creating our own apps!

We will be using a variety of programmes including: Scratch, Kodu, Paint and Movie Maker.

Children will be encouraged to explore new technologies within a safe environment to develop the knowledge and skills to live in an ever going digital world.  

We are also aware that ICT and computing needs to start in the Foundation stage and even our youngest members of the school will be given many opportunities to explore ICT and computer programming!

During ICT and Computing sessions children will be reminded of acceptable use and what to do if they come across anything they are not sure about, or find upsetting.  We are working on becoming brilliant E-Citizens which understand the need for due care and responsibility in a vast environment.

During Term 2 we will be having an Hour of Code challenge.  This will involve every year group exploring a different programming challenge. Visit code.org to explore more about this exciting global challenge.  Maybe you would like to have a go yourself.

If you would like to explore the world of computer game creation why not have a look at:

Kodu – Microsoft coporation to create our own games, using block so it has a minecraft feel to it!

Scratch – to create your own computer games which move, dance, or even sing their way through.

Suggested Computing Sites:





How about doing some coding on your mobile device/tablets?

Check out from App store Light Bot Programming! (free to download)