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Happy Birthday Tilly!
Wilma loves opening her Advent calendar!
Have a great day Ms Ackerman!
Happy Birthday Mr Boyle!
I'm Emelye (Sophie's mum from year 6) and I'm organising this craft evening again this year in aid of the homeless cafe in Easton where I used to volunteer. I live at 8 Maxse Road so you can come and pick up a bag of goodies from me to make in your own home. Get in touch with me if you've got any other questions: 07909 441846. Obviously if the rules change by the 4th we can think of clever ways to be together, but otherwise it will be on zoom! Thank you for supporting this!
Thank you so much!!
And another Birthday Girl - Mrs Pemberton!
Here's an unusual Advent calendar idea.
Launchpad’s Art Club via Zoom takes place every Tuesday at 4.30pm. Sessions last around an hour and cost £5 per family. We warm up with fun arty challenges and then demonstrate a new art project each week.  This week we will be creating this brilliant cityscape. The activities are delivered in simple steps and there are lots of opportunities to ask questions and to make the art special to you. The activities are aimed at primary age children but the whole family is welcome to join in! 
Please contact us via our website if you’d like more info.
Happy Birthday Mr Wilson!
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Some superb drumming from Peter in Ms Ackerman's class. 
Happy Birthday Miss Hayward!
Many people know Rose in Yr 1 as the girl with a plait all the way to her bottom. Rose has not had her hair cut, ever! Now, at nearly six, she decided it was time, but her hair was so very long she hated the idea of wasting it when there are little girls out there who would love to have it. Rose was incredibly nervous about cutting it, but Chloe at EZ Hair was amazing and Rose really wanted to help another child.
The Little Princess Trust makes free real hair wigs for children who have lost their own hair to cancer. Rose is donating her cut hair, (the donated hair is 15" long!) and we are also raising the money to cover the costs of transforming it into a wig. The goal was £150 but so far Rose has raised a fantastic £260, the excess of which goes into funding cures for childhood cancer. If you can donate anything to this amazing charity, big or small, it all helps! They get the hair either way :-) 
Ghoulish Gardens
Petrifying Pumpkins
Wicked Windows
Look out for the competition winners in Friday's Mailbag!
Happy Birthday Miss North!
Wishing all the staff at Hillcrest a restful, well deserved half term - thank you so much xx
Hannah Kirby
T’was the week before half term and all through the land
The teachers were tired of washing their hands
Of cleaning the desks, and the drawers and the pens
Of reminding their class not to cuddle their friends
Of handgel and soap, of bleach and of wipes
Of passwords and google and all things that swipe
Of trying to stand at the length of a lion
From friends whose shoulders they wanted to cry on
T’was the week before half term and all through the land
The parents were trying to make up great plans
That don’t involve meeting, or greeting, or places
That in these strange times don’t resemble safe spaces
They look to the teachers, and all they have done
To make school inviting, inspiring and fun
To see past the problems, the issues and rules
To bring back the joy and excitement of school
Thank you for being the safe place, the learning
For standing there strong with the children returning
For finding solutions that don’t feel so strange
With no funds or magicians to help you arrange
For stories and spellings and phonics and play
For taking the fear of this moment away
                                                             Esther Nzenza
Happy Birthday Miss Norman!
You're the BEST!
Congratulations to Mrs Howard
on the birth of baby Lois.
What a cutie!



May we raise children
who love the unloved
things – the dandelion, the
worms and spiderlings.
Children who sense
the rose needs the thorn

and run into rainswept days
the same way they
turn towards sun…

And when they’re grown and
someone has to speak for those
who have no voice

may they draw upon that
wilder bond, those days of
tending tender things

and be the ones.


Nicolette Sowder

Isa Thomas from 3DB has decided to run at least five laps of Perrett's Park to raise money for Disability Rights UK.
Absolutely no pressure to sponsor her, but if anyone would like to, here's the link:
Isa would love it if people would like to come and cheer her on! She'll be starting her run at 4pm on Thursday 8th October, come rain or shine.