We expect all children at Hillcrest to wear their uniform every day, and wear it with pride.


Hillcrest School Uniform List:

  • Green v-neck or round sweatshirt with logo                     £9.00
  • Green cardigan with logo                                                   £10.00
  • Pale blue polo short sleeved top with logo                        £5.50
  • PE tee shirts in House Colours (from the school office)      £3.00

Additional Items:

  • Pale blue polo shirts without the logo are available from supermarkets.
  • Pale blue gingham/checked summer dress, also available from supermarkets

To be worn with

  • Black school trousers, shorts or skirt. 
  • Black sensible flat shoes/trainers 
PE Kit
All children require a tee shirt for PE in their house colour, available from the office. Please make sure that your child has a PE kit that they keep in school (house tee shirt, shorts, daps or trainers) in a bag to hang on their peg. 
Baseball Caps (optional) £3.50
These are available in the four house colours, popular with the children and great for sunny days. 
Book Bags (optional) £4.00
Sturdy, water resistant, navy book bags, embroidered with the school logo

Buying Uniform

The embroidered polo shirts, jumpers and cardigans can be ordered online from My Clothing here. The measurements in their sizing chart are accurate so measure your child and check the chart before ordering. Please note that the sizing for the jumpers and cardigans are slightly different.

We sell the PE T-shirts, book bags and baseball caps in the school office.  You can pay us by cheque (to Bristol City Council) or cash. Correct change would be very much appreciated.


Order polo shirts, jumpers and cardies directly from My Clothing:


It is essential that every item is clearly labelled with your child's name.  We recommend Stikins labels. These are reasonably priced and quick and easy to use.  They stick permanently to the wash care label in clothes and to items such as shoes, bags, lunch boxes, phones and water bottles.  You can order 'Stickins' labels here.  A laundry marker pen, available from supermarkets, is an even cheaper option.