Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception

Meet the Team...

Mrs Wyatt is a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team and teaches in RJW.  She leads the Reception Unit and also has responsibility for music across the school, as well as First Aid and Medical needs.

Mrs Caudwell teaches RCH on Mondays and Tuesdays. She leads and organises our Forest School activities for the Reception children and enjoys engaging children in outdoor activities in all weathers.

Miss Harris teaches RCH on Wednesday afternoon and all day on Thursdays and Fridays. When she's not teaching she's to be found in her pottery studio.  She tries to get away at weekends as often as possible to do a bit of climbing or surfing.  

Mrs Price teaches in RCH on Wednesday mornings.

Mrs Wade works in RCH as a full time Teaching Partner. She enjoys developing the children’s confidence in all areas of the curriculum and works on our Fine Motor Skills programme.

Mrs Dix works in RCH as a full time Teaching Partner. She is very artistic and enjoys developing children’s confidence in expressive art and design.

Ms Hayward works in RJW as a full time Teaching Partner. She has worked at Hillcrest since 2014 and, as a trained Reading Champion, she enjoys developing the children’s literacy skills.

Miss James works in RJW as a full time Teaching Partner.  She's cheery, warm and caring. She loves messy play with the children and supporting their literacy learning.  She's new to Hillcrest this year and really looking forward to getting to know the new children.

The Reception Classrooms operate a ‘free flow’ system during parts of the day when children from both classes can choose to work in the RJW classroom, the RCH classroom or the Outside Classroom. All staff take turns to supervise the Outside Classroom and will get to know children from both classes very well.

Important information

On Wednesdays Mrs Wyatt will not be in class as she works with Miss Harris or Mrs Caudwell to plan and assess the children's learning, as well as carrying out leadership duties. During this time, the children in RJW will be taught by Mrs Livingstone, ably supported by Miss Hayward and Miss James.

PE Days

The children enjoy PE lessons on Monday mornings and Friday mornings and it is important that they have full named PE kit in school on these days (including trainers or daps in the warmer weather). We recommend that PE kits are left in school in term time and taken home to wash during the holidays.


Weekly homework will consist of Phonic practise sheets covering the letter sounds taught in school that week (after the induction period). Children are encouraged to change their reading book when needed and also select a picture story book for you to read to them. As phonic lessons are taught daily Teachers are regularly hearing children segment and blend letter sounds as a vital skill for reading. We encourage children to practise the reading skills taught in school by reading a levelled reading book at home (as often as possible) and to a school adult at least once per week. Teachers will assess children’s reading progress regularly and move them up to the next reading level when appropriate. For maths homework we encourage children to explore and use the Mathletics website and every child will have their own unique password and log in code which will be given out in Term 1.

Special Person

It might also be useful for you to know that the children take it in turns to be Special Person every day. This is done in age order and your child will be given a Special Person’s Helper sticker the day before. This will alert you to the fact that your child can bring something of interest to share and talk about as Special Person on the following day.

If you have any questions at any point, please don't hesitate to speak to us at the start or end of day, pass us a note via your child or phone school and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a very positive and productive year!

 With very best wishes.

Mrs Wyatt, Mrs Caudwell, Miss Harris, Mrs Dix, Mrs Wade, Miss Hayward and Miss James