Welcome to Term 3 Reception

Hello Reception Parents,

Our aim is to support you and your child as much as we can over the next six weeks.

Every day we will upload lessons onto the website and on Tapestry (zoom links will also be on Tapestry).   There will be a phonics, maths and enquiry lesson to complete at home and some further suggestions for challenge and extension.   We will upload some video demonstrations for your children to watch and join in.

Play is vital for Early Years development, so we also recommend time spent with your child engaging in their play, following their interests, such as, small world play, art, music, role play, counting or writing.

Every day at 9.15am there is a zoom register for all children to attend.  Your child can wave, say hello and leave straight away (after we have ticked them off!) or they can stay online for longer if they want to talk to us or see their friends.  You can join the zoom anytime between 9.15 and 9.45am.

We will have regular story-time videos uploaded to Tapestry too, so look out for those!

Please add your work, photos and videos to Tapestry every day and we can provide you with feedback.

Any questions, please get in touch,


The Reception Team

You may like to use a visual timetable with your child, and tick activities off as you complete them.  I have attached one that you can use, or cut up and adapt to suit you.