Wilma's Wanderings

25th January 2019
So just what WAS Wilma up to in this photo?
Congratulations to Phoebe Drane, Best Story winner in the very first Wilma's Wanderings Writing Wompetition.
Here's her story, read by a local celeb, Lucy from Fox & West.
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Issy and Josh Musson were joint winners of the caption competition with not one, but NINE funny captions!
Who needs SatNav, when you have HatNav!
Oh go on, wind down the window and let me feel the wind rush over my... hat!
You must be barking mad asking me to 'see you back'.
Orange is the new Black... hair and accessories!
Is this going to be a ruff ride as I'm not strapped in yet?
I'm just trying to help... after all, I am a bark-seat driver!
Don't forget... mirror, signal and manouvre!
Where's the steering wheel gone?
I know you said we are going on a mystery tour, but I would like to face forward at some point!
We had lots of great entries! Choosing the winners was a tough task.
And here's the next Wompetition...