Wordfest is coming...

15th May 2018


On Friday 18th May, Hillcrest will be diving headfirst into another day devoted to the wonderful world of words.



Throughout the day, all KS1 and KS2 children will be enjoying four different 'wordy workshops', led by Hillcrest staff and our merry band of trainee teachers. 


Speaker's Corner

At morning and afternoon play, the outdoor stage will once again become Speaker's Corner. 

KS2, if you are fired up by a particular issue, and are keen to put those public speaking skills we honed in Debate Club to good use, come along during either playtime and take to the stage for one minute. Who knows...your strong arguments and assured delivery may just change someone's mind.

KS1 children are of course also welcome to step up and share their views.


Perform a ...

Throughout lunchtime, I will again be manning the outdoor stage - this time for any of you that would like to take to the stage (alone or in partnership) and perform a song, read/recite a poem, tell a few jokes...any form of the spoken word is very welcome. Just make sure you are prepared and not making it up on the spot.

All children are welcome to sit and watch at any point over lunch.


Interactive community display

As usual, there will be an interactive WordFest display in the main entrance hall, to which all members of the Hillcrest community are encouraged to contribute.


This year, the display will be split into two sections: one for the young'uns and one for the oldies. To support Robin Toyne (father of Ben in Year 5 and freelance filmmaker) and his two trusty teams of budding filmmakers in Year 5 and 6, who are busy working on six short films for BBC Ideas, the theme this year is...childhood.


The children's display will be entitled 'What childhood means to me' and the adult's display will be entitled 'What childhood meant to me' . Single words, phrases, sentences, essays...all are welcome.


Whole school 'Consequences' story

And finally, writer Leyla Mohan (mother of Lara in Year 3 and professional writer) will be co-ordinating a 'Consequences' style whole school story, which I have the great treat of reading out as part of our whole school assembly at the end of the day. 


Roll on Friday!


Miss Swain (English Leader)