Yr 1 2014/15 Term 3

Here's our topic web for Term 3, available to download below.
Out of school achievements: Well done to James and Marcus who won these medals: James for his soccer skills and Marcus for coming third in a skiing race!  
We've been making abstract paintings about the four seasons.  Can you tell which season is which in our pictures?
Our Reading Week text is The Twits by Roald Dahl.  It's very funny!
This is what we think a Skillywiggler might look like!
We've been out hunting down wild adjectives in Arnos Vale Cemetery!  We were surrounded by nouns:  trees, leaves, sticks, paths, mud, grass... and we thought up as many exciting describing words as we could about all the things we found.  
We are going to do some fantastic descriptive writing about Arnos Vale so that readers will know just what it's like there, even if they've never been!
We've been looking at the work of LS Lowry and making our own pictures of the Hillcrest playground