Yr 1 Daily Tasks Week beginning 23 March

Hi there Eagles and Kestrels,
A big welcome to our home learning page. Here you will find tasks you can do at home which will help you with your learning. 
We would love to see your completed activities so do share them on Seesaw or email them to staff@hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk with FAO Mr McIntyre/Mrs Flook/Mrs Howells in the subject line.
Get creative, have fun and stay safe.
And as always, keep on flying Year 1s.

Mrs Flook, Mrs Howells and Mr McIntyre 
Hillcrest's Got Talent is still going ahead! 
There'll be two categories - Children and Adults (Parents and Teachers)
Judging will be on Friday 3rd April
Send your entries to Juliet at jfleming@hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk
If you're sending a video that's too large to email, upload it to YouTube and send the link.
Come on Hillcrest! Show us what you've got!
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Friday 27th March

Congratulations you’ve nearly reached the end of your first week at home!

We would love you to create a poster of all the numbers 1-20 today in numerals and in words. It would be great if we could all spell all the numbers to 20 correctly! Extend beyond twenty if you would like a challenge.

Don’t forget to email your creations or post on seesaw. Thanks again! 

PS It was lovely to see some of you doing Jaime and Meg's dance earlier! Mrs Howells joined in when her daughter let her! 

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Friday 27th March
In RE we have been looking at the importance of Palm Sunday to Christians. We have talked about how Jesus was welcomed as a king or celebrity by the crowds in Jerusalem. Today we are going to look at the Easter story.
We have attached a pdf with slides explaining your task, 'Can I draw a picture of a person I admire and respect?'
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Thursday 26th March

Well done Year one. We are going to consolidate numbers bonds to 20 for one more day and use this to solve subtraction questions to 20. We’ve attached some worksheets to complete. The first set are for those of you who need to keep practising those number bonds. The second set is for those children who would like to extend their understanding further and use what they know to solve simple subtraction questions. Perhaps time yourself completing the first set and see if you can beat your score with the second set. You could even draw a number line to 20 to help.

Good luck and many thanks!

P.S. Mrs Howells is also doing Jo Wicks workout every morning! It's exhausting but great fun and sets her up for the day!

Keep smiling everyone! 



Thursday 26th March
Happy sunshiny day to you Year 1!
We are going to be artists today, so tune into your imagination and be as creative as a crazy camouflaged caterpillar. Miss Bonner has suggested the following two activities to get you started but if you don't fancy either of these ideas come up with your own. Lots of children and families in Totterdown are creating rainbow pictures to put in their windows. The idea is to make us smile and show that we are all in this together and we will get through this together. Have fun!
Activity 1

Make your own sketchbook. Collect different types of paper and join using a hole punch and wool. See video here https://www.accessart.org.uk/hole-punch-sketchbooks-2/

Activity 2 (Also from AccessArt)

Drawing as a tool for seeing, and being in the here and now.

Collect some natural objects – shells, stones, sticks, leaves, feathers etc or household objects – cup, shoe, sock, fork, book… anything you like really.

Draw the objects, one at a time, using some, or all, of the following techniques:

Look and draw your subject (your chosen object) in the time it takes to inhale and exhale one breath. Draw your subject with your non-dominant hand. Hold your pencil or pen lightly from the top (with all five fingers) and dangle it over the paper drawing your subject. Draw your chosen subject in a continuous line without taking your pencil or pen off of the paper. Draw your chosen subject in five lines. Draw your chosen subject in three lines. Look at your subject and draw it without looking at the paper. No cheating! Draw your subject in dots and specks. Draw the outline of your subject in one, strong gesture. Draw your subject without blinking. Draw your subject’s shadow. Draw your subject from inside out with no outline or contour at all (use only shading).



Thursday 26th March
If you feel like expressing yourself through song Mrs Price suggests teaching your siblings or family some of the warm up games, or you could challenge yourself and make up your own. games or songs.
The Telephone Game
The Name Game
Boom Chicka Boom
Pass the Sound
Silent Zoo
You could use the rhyming skills you've learnt in Handa's Surprise (YouTube) to experiment with other books. Why not choose your favourite book and see if you can create your own rhythms.
Listen to a piece of instrumental music and draw how it makes you feel. Use just one or two colours. Try not to draw 'things' but create your own mood symbols and shapes.
Enjoy being creative!
Enquiry: Senses
Wednesday 25th March 2020
Morning you lovely lot!
Continuing with our 'What Am I?' enquiry we are going to take a closer look at our senses. What are they? How many senses do we use? What parts of our body do we use for each sense? So many questions. We are challenging you all to find the answers as part of today's task. Don't forget to share your learning on Seesaw. Have fun!
Wednesday 25th March 2020
To help us all stay fit and healthy we're encouraging you to join in the daily 'PE with Joe' session online. Mrs Flook will be joining in today as her body and mind needs a 'wake up' work out. 
You can also have a go at yesterday's dance lesson or just explore the movement of your favourite animal through dance. Don't forget to share it on Seesaw to inspire your classmates to have a go.


Tuesday 24th March

Thank you for all your number bond creations you completed yesterday. Keep up the good work! Today we’d like you to apply your knowledge and complete the word problems attached.  

Remember to underline key words in the problem and complete the bar model to help.

Write the corresponding number sentence when solving your problem.  


Can you create some word problems of your own?  

Don't forget to post your work on seesaw or email to your teacher. Keep flying high! 



Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning you lovely lot! I hope you've all been joining in the daily PE sessions with Joe to keep your bodies and minds active?

Today I encourage you all to explore the movement of animals through dance. We have attached a Pdf with slides explaining what you need to do.

Challenge: Choose some music and create your own dance to portray your favourite animal.



Tuesday 24th March
As we are looking at the human body for our Enquiry we thought you could explore different ways of keeping yourself clean and healthy with the help of Jigsaw Jack. We have attached Pdfs with slides to help you with this task.
See if you can complete the worksheet then challenge yourself to design your own poster, telling others how to keep clean and healthy. Use your imagination and be creative!
Monday 23rd March 2020
Our Enquiry is 'What Am I?' and we have been looking at all things to do with animals, including humans. Today you will be looking at what different parts make up the human body. We have attached a Pdf with slides explaining today's task, which is 'Can you draw a picture of yourself so that you can identify the different parts of your body?’.
Be curious, have fun, ask questions and find answers. If you have any queries or questions for your teachers, just email us and we'll see what we can do to help. Don't forget to share your learning on Seesaw.
We have attached the worksheet and Pdfs below.
Monday 23rd March 2020
Be a wonderful Mathematician today and spend some time practising your number bonds to 20. You could sing your numbers bonds, make a poster, write you number bonds or even make up a dance to the song (linked below) which tells you all the number bonds you need to learn! We would love to see your creative approaches on seesaw or email them directly to your teachers! 
Number bonds song: 
Attached below is a worksheet for you if you have access to a printer. 
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Daily PE sessions with Joe will keep you active, fit and energised. Joe will help you wake up, shake out the cobwebs and set you up for the day. Stay active you lovely lot.
We have attached a Pdf with slide which explain today's task, which is 'Can you identify what a habitat is so that you can explain why animals live in different places?'



We have been learning about weights and mass this week in class. Be a marvellous mathematician at home by using yourself as a human weighing scales to predict the mass of three or more different objects and order them from lightest to heaviest.

Try to use the vocabulary of heavier than, lighter than, balanced, lightest, heaviest and equal to when explaining your findings.

Your challenge this week is to use your understanding of weight and mass to bake a cake. Ready! Steady! Bake!



We have attached all the Phase 3 and 5 sounds which we have been learning, use them to write real and alien words. Then use dots and dashes to help you read them. Your challenge is to then put them in a sentence. For example, for the sound /ee/ you could write leek or zeek.



Message from Mrs Flook:
What an interesting week that turned out to be. Well done for having a go, sticking at it and continuing on your learning journeys.
Here's a little something to make you smile at the end of our first week of home learning. Feel free to share your thoughts on my attempts to get active.
Now it's time to switch off your brains, curl up on the sofa, read a book, watch some TV or just chill with your family.
See you all back here on Monday morning. Over and out.