Yr 1 Daily Tasks Week beginning 30 March

Home learning for Friday, April 3rd
Below you will find all you need for today's home learning
It's show time!
Friday April 3rd 2020
We have been so impressed and amazed by the resilience, innovation, partnership and excellence you have all demonstrated that we wanted to end our second week of home learning by celebrating our creativity. But what to do? That's the question. Well, I was more than impressed by Mr McIntyre's double act with Dougal, and inspired by the Hillcrest's Got Talent entries so far that I thought to myself, 'this is the perfect time for a puppet show Mrs Flook.' The video is me celebrating my creativity, I hope it makes you smile.
Your challenge, if you choose to accept it is to create your very own puppet show using any resources you can find at home. My puppets were made from screwed up tin foil, rolled and bashed into shape then covered with masking tape. I used pipe cleaners for arms and legs, bits of fabric and wool for the hair and clothes. I adapted the story from an old poem I fell in love with years ago. 
You can draw pictures of your chosen characters, cut them out and stick them onto spoons. You can raid the recycling box and make junk puppets. You can even use your dolls and teddies for the characters. Write your story, make the puppets and perform your show.
Please ask parents/carers before using family heirlooms as puppets!!!
Explore your curious, crazy, wonderful imaginations and make us all smile. 
Lights, camera, action.....
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Friday 3rd April 2020 

You've reached two weeks of home learning - congratulations!

Now you have spent the week learning about measures, we’d like you to have a go at the attached quiz. You can either print the quiz or complete the questions orally. The quiz is scored out of 18 (questions 3 and 14 are worth three marks each). We’d love to know your scores which you can post on seesaw or email Mrs Howells/Mrs Flook. Good luck and remember to ask an adult to read the questions! If you find any questions tricky, use these as your focus work today. Thanks again for all your hard work!  

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Below are the links for today’s capital letters and full-stops games:
Home learning for Thursday, April 2nd
Below you will find all you need for today's home learning
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Thursday 2nd April 2020 

Play beat the adult! 

Write as many of these words as you can on separate pieces of paper. Turn each piece of paper over and try to explain to an adult what the word means. If you guess correctly, you get to keep the card. If not, the adult does! Winner is the person who has the most cards!  

Here are the words:  

LongerSmallerShorter, TallerCentimetresRulerHeavyLightHeavier thanLighter than, 

GramsScalesFullEmptyMore thanLess thanQuarter fullHalf fullContainerLitres. 


You can write them out yourself or use the attached document to print and cut the words. Good luck!

Enquiry: How does my city change in Spring?
Thursday April 2nd 2020
We were very impressed with all your beautiful pictures, describing some of the seasonal changes you might see in Spring. Continuing on this theme you are going to be meteorologists today and write your own weather report.
We have attached a pdf to guide you through the lesson, but as always, if in doubt give Mrs Flook a shout (preferably via email). Have fun!
Home learning for Wednesday, April 1st
Below you will find all you need for today's home learning
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Wednesday 1st April 2020 

Today we would like you to deepen your understanding of mass and weight. We started learning about this just before we finished school 

Start by reminding yourself how to be a human scale. Hold two items (more if you can!) and tell someone in your house which one is lighter or heavier than the other than the other. Are larger items always the heaviest?  

If you have scales at home, explore weighing items. You could even do some baking – parents' permission of course! Explore how weight is measured (in grams and kilograms). Have a look at food tins, boxes or bags and investigate how weight is labelled on the packaging. Take photos or make a poster of your findingsWe would love to see your creative work on Seesaw.  

Challenge: Follow the link below (click on week one lessons 1-3) with a video and worksheet exploring weight and mass. Good luck!  

SPESCH: Happy, healthy me!
Wednesday April 1st 2020
Last week Jigsaw Jack showed us the different ways we can keep ourselves clean and healthy. Today we are looking at the importance of staying safe, health and happy.
Use the attached pdfs to guide you through the lesson. Then complete the worksheet to explain why our bodies are so amazing. Mrs Flook is on hand (via email) to answer any questions or queries you may have. Share your learning on Seesaw (if you want) to inspire your class mates to have a go. 
Home learning for Tuesday, March 31st
Below you will find all you need for today's home learning
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Tuesday 31st March 2020
Today you are going to learn about capacity. This word means the amount or volume of liquid within a container.
Firstly, have a go at this practical activity:
Take a small cup and a large bucket. Guess how many cups of water it will take to fill your bucket? Then have fun filling your bucket! Warning: don't forget to check with your parents first as this will get messy! Probably best to do this outside! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your activities on seesaw! 
If you then want to do deepen your learning, follow the link below which includes a video (titled 'Flashback 4') and activity sheets ('titled Get the activity') to complete or discuss with your parents. Click on week 2 which will give you the capacity work.
Challenge: have a look at bottles or cans of liquid in your house. How is volume measured? What units of measure are used? 
Enquiry: 'How does my city change in Spring?'.
Tuesday 31.3.20 
As we are now in Spring we are going to look at seasonal changes. Take a walk in your garden and tell us what you see. We have attached a pdf with a link to a youtube video to help you understand what happens during this season and why. We're looking forward to seeing your beautiful spring drawings on Seesaw. Enjoy!
Home learning for Monday, March 30th
Below you will find all you need for today's home learning
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Monday 30th March 2020
Hi Year ones! Welcome to your second week of mathematical home learning.
This week we will be focusing on measuring - prepare to have fun! 
Today I would like you to build a Lego tower! Yes, that's right, you're going to learn maths using Lego! I would like you build the tallest Lego tower you can. Maybe other people in your house could build one too. If you don't have Lego, use building blocks, books, or any other objects which are equal in size. 
Once you've finished, estimate (guess) how many centimetres tall your tower is and then, using a ruler, measure your tower. Who can build the largest tower? Remember our golden rule when measuring: 'be a hero and start at zero!' This means you always start at zero centimetres on your ruler. Challenge: Draw your tower and label the measurements. 
I'm really looking forward to seeing your creations on seesaw. I may even post the best ones on the website!
Good luck and happy building! 
Mrs Howells 
Home learning tasks for the week
Below are some tasks which you can have a go at throughout the week
We are really looking forward to having a go at these fantastic projects this week.
Thank you to Mrs Bonner and Miss Sharples for creating these tasks. 

Life skills:

Monday 30th March 2020

Your challenge this week is to help your parents and carers around the house, whether that is by making your bed, sorting the recycling, keeping your bedroom tidy or taking the rubbish out.

Challenge – Create a poster to show how important partnership skills are when we are all staying safe at home.

Don't forget to take photos and share what you've been doing on Seesaw.

Week commencing March 30th
Well done to all of you who joined in with Joe Wick's daily PE sessions, and those of you who found other ways to stay active last week. We thought you might enjoy trying some relaxing yoga this week, so here are two sites to get you started. Let us know your favourite or trickiest yoga pose.

GoNoodle       https://www.gonoodle.com/

Cosmic Kids Yoga        https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga

Week commencing March 30th

If you fancy improving your coding skills have a look at Kodable or some of the other activities on the Hour of Code website. There are many free activities, including unplugged ideas.        https://code.org/learn

Scratch Jr is another option        https://www.scratchjr.org/

Or you could try the brilliant site    code.org

If you're looking for some cross-curricular fun, why not download the lego movie creator app (it's free) and create your own stop-animation films - think of Wallace and Gromit!

Week commencing March 30th
Morning you lovely lot!
Below are links to some fun musical activities you can do with your family during this week. These games and activities reinforce what you have already learnt about some basic musical notes and rhythm, so have fun sharing your learning with your parents and siblings.
The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera House has extended their free trial to 30 days for streaming recording of live shows. There’s the fabulous ballet of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – also includes a tap dancing Mad Hatter! Wonderful for a cosy couple of hours of culture or a rainy day   https://www.roh.org.uk/news

Also, look out for Filmedonstage & NT Live who are also streaming live theatre for free, the sites are updated regularly.

Readers & Writers:
Week commencing March 30th
Hopefully you're all finding time in your day for super story telling sessions, but if you need some new ideas click on the link below.
Sooper Books offer book-shop quality children’s stories free of charge to families all over the world.
The Literacy Shed is an amazing site if you're interested in writing your own stories but just need a starting point. Choose a shed, pick a video (age appropriate), watch and be inspired to write whatever comes into your head. You could write a diary entry from one of the characters, or a story about what happened next. Don't forget to share your stories on Seesaw.