Yr 1 Easter Holiday Tasks

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Local Area Large Dinner Plate Challenge
In the video posted above Mr McIntyre’s nephew Dáithí (pronounced ‘daw-hee’), niece Méabh (pronounced ‘mayv’) and their dog Bláithín (pronounced ‘blaw-heen’) tell us all about Sligo in Ireland, where they - and Mr McIntyre - come from.
They would love to find out more about where you lovely Year 1s are from. They have never been to Totterdown or Knowle, or even Bristol. 
Create a video; or picture show; or piece of writing; or interactive map; or podcast; or all of the above to tell them all about your local area and what makes it special to you.
Post your completed project on Seesaw or send it to staff@hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk
This is just one of many dinner plate challenges we have set for you over the Easter break so, if you are hungry for more, click on the link below this text block
Weather Staion Large Dinner Plate Challenge
Why not become an even better meteorologist by creating your very own weather station in your back garden, on your balcony or out of your bedroom window.
This challenge can be as long or as short as you want to make it. Delve into your imagination and be creative; ask questions and try to find the answers but don't forget to share your learning with us as we're always excited to find out what you've discovered.
We have attached a pdf to guide you through this challenge. Any questions or queries feel free to email Mrs Flook at staff@hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk
Be curious and enjoy the adventure!
Hillcrest's Got talent!
It's time to get those creative juices flowing Eagles and Kestrels because Hillcrest needs you, now more than ever!
If there is something you are particularly good at or proud of, show us. If you have been working on something for a while, show us. If you've recently discovered a hidden talent, show us. Now is the time to practise your skill to perfection, or until you're happy to share it with the Hillcrest community. Make us smile, make us laugh out loud, surprise us, enthrall us, make us gasp with excitement.
Ask your adult to help you film your 'tantalising talent' and upload the video to the Hillcrest Social webpage.
Below is a video of me celebrating my creativity, I hope it makes you smile.
Now it's over to you Year 1. Be brave, delve into your imaginations and let us all celebrate our uniqueness together.
Lights, camera, action...
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