Yr 1 Hat Festival information 4 December 2020

Hi Year 1 parents, 
The children came home today with invitations for the Year 1 Hat Festival. 
In pre-covid times we would, of course, have turned the big hall into a catwalk and invited you in to watch them strut but, for obvious reasons, that can't happen this year. 
So we have come up with the next best thing. 
 The children will be parading around the playground showing off their hats to Year 2-6 children at 2pm on December 8th. 
Then, at 2.45pm, they will be heading out their exit and parading their hats along Arno's Street to the junction with Fordell Place. 
You are invited to be there to clap and cheer them on. 
Afterwards, you are free to take your child home as long as you have let their teacher know. If you can't make it, don't worry we will hold onto your child until the usual pick-up time. 
We have attached a guide of parents' assembly points and ask that you socially distance throughout. Hope to see you then. 
The Year 1 Team