Yr 1 Term 1 2019 Homework

18th October 2019
Maths ordering
This week we’d like you to think about ordering. You can have a go at ordering your toys or objects around the house. Try to bundle your objects up and then place in order from smallest to greatest. You could even order groups of numbers e.g. 5, 8, 10, 1, and 3. Don’t forget I’m overseeing the maths in year one this year. If you have any questions please ask! I’ve included a worksheet below if you’d like to have a go. Feel free to challenge yourselves with larger numbers or bigger sets of numbers. Thanks everyone! 
Spooky sentences
With Hallowe'en just around the corner we thought it would be nice if you could write a spooky sentence or even a spooky story. You could even draw a spooky picture to go with it. When you write remember to focus on forming your letters correctly and don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full-stops.

27th September 2019

Who helps you?

Hi Eagles & Kestrels! 
Last Monday it was great having so many members of our community coming in and explaining how they help people. We had a police officer, a pilates teacher, a church deacon, a school librarian, a kinesiologist, a greengrocer and an after-school club leader. It was amazing finding out all the different ways they help us. 
We want to know who helps you in your daily life. So we are challenging you to work out how many people in your community help you. You could take photos, draw pictures, write sentences or even interview some of the helpers in your world. Please do post anything you find on here. We would love to see it. Have fun!

Forwards and backwards

We know counting forwards can be tricky so we are setting you a doozy of a challenge. Can you practise counting forwards from any number and then counting backwards from any number? Then post the results of your work. Here's a video to inspire you. 
Oh and do keep practising the tricky words from last week and your c-based letters. The more practise the better.
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20th September 2019
Hello there Eagles & Kestrels! 
We would love you to practise your c-based letters (c, a, d, o, g, q) over the next week. 
We have filmed Mr McIntyre writing his c-based letters. See if you can form them just like him. You will notice that he (mostly) writes on the line, and every letter starts with a 'c' shape. 
Here are a couple of pictures to remind you how to sit when writing and how to hold your pencil. 
There are also some tricky words for you practise reading and spelling over the next few weeks.
Many thanks
Mr McIntyre, Mrs Howells and Mrs Flook
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Homework 4th October 2019
What's the weather doing?
Hi Year 1s,
We are starting a new enquiry next week: How does my city change? This is an enquiry we will dip into at different points in the year as it has a lot to do with seasons.
Over the next two weeks we will have two special guests coming into school to teach us about different instruments used to record weather and how the weather forecast works on TV.
With this in mind we thought it would be good idea to challenge the children to explore their understanding of the weather and, if they are feeling up to it, have a go at doing their own weather forecast.
Keep on flying, Eagles and Kestrels
 The children should be coming home with crocodile mouths to represent the greater than/less than symbol. We are challenging them to use their crocodiles to explore the concept of greater than, less than and equal to. Be as creative as they can be. Use numbers, objects, people, animals whatever they like and post the results on here. 
25th October 2019
Hi Hillcrest 
This half-term we thought it would be fun if we challenged you to tale a photo of yourselves reading in an odd place. It could be up a tree or in a swimming pool; it is completely up to you, so get creative. 
Have a fun and restful break and we'll see you on November 4th. 
Many thanks, 
Ciaran McIntyre Deputy Head
Maths - Greater than/Less than