Yr 1 Term 3 2017

Here's our Topic Web for Term 3, available to download below.
We came back from the holidays to find our classroom covered in rubbish!
Mrs Lamb and Mr McIntyre received a coded email from an alien called Glog!  We were able to de-code it, as well as other messages left around the classroom, to discover that the mess was left by three friendly aliens who are on a mission to find out about different materials on planet Earth!
To help them, we set about clearing up the rubbish and sorting it into different materials.
1KL's Rubbish Band!
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Learning about tens and units.
We have been writing a sequence of sentences to tell a story.
Some of our fantastic spelling homework.... 'ear', 'ture' and 'air' sounds.
And 'igh' and 'or' sounds.
Our turn to look after the chickens!
We went on a local walk and saw how much litter there is on the roads around our school.  We made posters to display in our classroom windows where people will see them.  Maybe they will make people think!