Yr 1 Term 3 2020 Homework

Hi Eagles and Kestrels, 
Seesaw Homework  Part 1 31 January 2020
Capital letters and full stops are tricky. It takes practise to understand where they go. Have a go at fixing the attached sentences. Remember capital letters tell the reader where a sentence starts and full-stops tell them where they end. 
 it is important that we use them we do not want to confuse the reader 
 Have a go and post the results on Seesaw or bring them into school to share with your class.  
Seesaw Homework Part 2   
Knowing your number bonds to 20 helps you with bigger calculations as you get older. So do practise them at home using the attached sheet to help as well as objects to help you see the numbers.

It would be a good idea to warm-up by practising your number bonds to 10. 
 Post your results on Seesaw or bring them in to class to share with your friends. 
 Keep on flying Year 1s

Bird's eye view

Seesaw Homework 24th January
Hi Eagles and Kestrels, 
This week in enquiry we were working on aerial plans of our classroom. We are challenging to do an bird's eye view plan of your bedroom. And the extra challenge is to have a key to help the reader understand your symbols. You can post your plan on here or bring them in to share with the class. 
 Keep on flying Year 1s
Term 3 Week 2 Homework
In honour of the giant who visited our school last weekend, we are challenging you to write a poem, a story, a comic or whatever you like about a giant. Post the results on Seesaw or bring them into school to share with your class.
Also, to help us with our enquiry 'Where is my city?' it would be helpful if you could learn the name of the street you live on and how to spell it.
Have a great weekend.
Kind Regards,
The Year 1 Team