Yr 1 Term 4 2020 Homework

13th March 
Hi Eagles and Kestrels, 
Next week we will be learning about animal habitats and how animals adapt to their environment. To get the ball rolling you could draw a picture of your favourite animal and write a few facts to go alongside it, or... 
 ...as we are learning about writing stories, you could put your favourite animal in a story. Remember to have a beginning where you introduce the main character and setting; a middle where there is a problem and an ending where you solve the problem, or... 
 ... as we are learning about length and height, you could plan a habitat for your animal writing in the specific measurements.
Get creative and have fun; and keep on flying Year 1s
28th February 2020
Hi Eagles and Kestrels
What comes first 13 or 31? It can be difficult to order two-digit numbers so we have attached a few activities to help you with that. 
Hint: Draw the numbers as tens and ones to help you. 
Keep on flying Year 1s