Yr 1 Term 5 Homework 2021

7th May 

Hello Eagles & Kestrels, 

Seeing as you all enjoyed watching the videos from your teachers this week talking about Bristol landmarks, we thought you might like to have a go yourselves.  So, our homework challenge for you is to visit a Bristol landmark and take a photo, write some interesting facts about it and share it on Seesaw. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could try filming yourself talking about the landmark and where it’s situated in our beautiful city. 

We have added the links to our videos on Seesaw, so please take a look for some inspiration or to see if you can do a better job than us. Why not pretend you’re a Bristol tour guide and visit a few different places. Or visit a place you think should be a Bristol landmark and explain why. 

Mr McIntyre will be adding new spellings and a comprehension task for you on Monday. 


Keep Flying high!