Yr 1 Term 6 2021

Hello Year 1s
My goodness! What a year it has been - and it is not even over yet - not on your nelly! We have got a fun and action-packed Term 6 in store for you.
Enquiry: We are very impressed with how adept Eagles and Kestrels have become at adapting their states of being to suit the different enquiries we have explored this year. This term will be no different as they use their skills as engineers and artists to think about ‘What might I do in the future’? They will take a closer look at how flip books are made then create their own, showing the variety of jobs they might like to do in the future.
We will kick start this short project with a careers convention (of sorts) to enable the children to ask questions and discover the roles and responsibilities associated with different jobs.
Our second enquiry, ‘How could we play in different ways?’ will allow us to hone our skills as historians and focus on the similarities and differences between games played in the past with the games we play today. The challenge will be to work in groups to design and create new games which the current Reception children will have access to when they move up to Year 1. Eagles and Kestrels will test their games on each other during a trip to Weston Super Mare at the end of term (more details to follow). The games will then be collated in a book which will be accessible in the playground for all children to use.
Authors: In writing, we will be focusing on poetry and recounts. We will be using the poem the Magic Box poem as a stimulus as we learn about adjectives, similes, alliteration, rhyme and rhythm. We will also be reading poems to help us with our comprehension. And that’s not all! We will also be challenging the children to learn a poem off by heart ahead of the whole-school Poetry Day on July 1st.
We will then spend some time writing from our own experience as we take another look at recounts.
Remember to keep reading as much as you can at home and take the time to discuss the books you read or have read to you.
Mathematicians: As always, our maths lessons this term promise to be fun, engaging and accessible for all children. We will continue to embed key number skills such as number bonds to 20, identifying one more/one less, ten more/ten less, missing numbers within number sentences, balancing number sentences and adding/subtracting one-digit numbers confidently. That’s not all! We will also explore:
  • Position and direction (this week the children enjoyed a super teddy sports day!) 
  • Multiplication and division (focusing on the terms ‘groups of’ and sharing)
  • Fractions - finding halves and quarters
  • Time - don’t panic about time telling. Year one is all about learning o clock and half past. No one expects a young child to read a train timetable!
Where possible, we encourage key maths skills to be put into really life context at home. Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s up the stairs, sharing strawberries evenly, cutting fruit into halves, checking the time on your oven etc are all examples which are easy to explore with your children. Any questions about maths please speak to your teacher or Mrs Howells - the year group maths lead.
Parent volunteers: We have a few activities this term that will require some parent volunteers.
  • Games of yore - the children will kickstart their new enquiry ‘How can we play in different ways?’ by playing games of their teachers’ youth at Arnos Park – Monday, June 21st from 1-3pm
  • Sponsored walk – the children will complete a themed walk in Arnos Vale Cemetery – Date not yet known
  • Trip to Weston-Super-Mare – the children will test out their newly-crafted games and enjoy some beach fun – Wednesday, July 14th from 9am-3.30pm
Please email your class teacher if you can make any of the above. Spaces are limited on the coach to Weston but we are happy for parents to make their own way if they wish to join us for the day.
PPA: Year 1 have their PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time every Friday. This alternates between afternoons and mornings. During this time the children will continue to be Artists with Ms Sharples and will visit the school library with Mrs Price.
They will also continue to be Athletes on Fridays with Mr Hill. Please remember to bring in PE kits, including suitable footwear.
If you have any worries or questions about anything at all, we are always happy to talk to you after school or, if that is not possible, do not hesitate to contact us via our emails:
Kind Regards
Mrs Flook, Mrs Howells, Mr McIntyre, Mrs Wade, Mrs Cooke and Miss Young