Yr 2 Term 3 2017

Here's our topic map for Term 3, available to download below.
Working on our two times table.
Working on fractions of shapes.
Some of our Onmnibobulator bugs and model habitats.
And now the real thing!
The Minibeast Roadshow brought a menagerie to visit us!  We got up close and personal with three types of stick insects, catydids, hissing cockroaches, silk moths, their caterpillars and cocoons, giant African land snails, lime hawk moths, an African bullfrog, assorted British caterpillars, a scorpion and a whip scorpion, a leopard gekko, a fire salamander, giant millipedes, a boa constrictor, a snake-necked turtle, a corn snake, a green tree frog, a tortoise, three types of tarantula and two bearded dragons.... it was brilliant!