Yr 2 Term 4 2017

We are carrying on with our exciting Omnibobulator topic this term.
World Book Day!
We're on chicken duty! 
Animal environments.
We're excited to have a new little girl in our class.  She speaks Arabic.  We are enjoying helping her to settle in.
Science Week
In one of our investigations we used a natural Ph indicator made from red cabbage.  We added various liquids to the blue cabbage water and observed the colour changes.  Comparing and matching the colours we saw to the ones on the chart showed us how acid or alkaline each one had made the liquid in the cup.
We've been working really hard on our writing - planning, writing, revising and editing.  Here are some of our impressive finished pieces...
... and here is some more top writing from 2JP.
Maths Mastery - multiplication and division
Our trip to Folly Farm. It was a beautiful Spring day. We searched micro-habitats for minibeasts and did pond dipping. 
We've had such an exciting morning! Molly's Dad came in to show us pewter casting.  We all sat well back whilst he melted the pewter over a camping stove in a special ladle then poured the molten metal into a mould made from wet clay.  When it was cool enough to handle he took it out of the mould... a shiny, pewter 2JP!
As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we also made some tasty vegetable fritattas with eggs from the school chickens!


Last week, the very talented Helen Ward (Jet's mum) spent the afternoon carrying out some Butterfly art with 2SW.  She showed us some of the artwork she produces and we had a go at creating our own!  This fitted beautifully with our topic this term.

First we had to fold the coloured paper in half and then cut half a butterfly, beetle, spider or whatever minibeast we were creating.  Once we opened it up we found that it was a perfectly symmetrical.  We had to glue down the center of our bug (on the back) making sure the wings or legs were still 3D and sticking off the page.


We are very pleased with our BEAUTIFUL final product!  

A special mention for this amazing minibeast habitat cake entered in the Easter Bake Off!