Yr 3 Daily Tasks Week Beginning 18 May

Hi Everyone,
Over the half-term week, we'll be setting some optional 'Big Plate/Small Plate' homework challenges for you - look out for them on here by the end of the day.
We've also been asked by a few of you to compile all the reading tasks for Kensuke's Kingdom, so that you can follow on from the last one you did much more easily. We've attached them here.
Today's tasks include writing up your setting description, reading a new extract from Kensuke's Kingdom, learning about 2D shapes and exploring a thoughtful art activity.
Keep posting all your lovely work, and have a lovely day.

Hi Everyone,
Here are your tasks for today. There's some reading from Kensuke's Kingdom, some descriptive writing practice, a bit more learning involving symmetry and a new stitch to learn in your design work.
It was lovely to see you on Zoom yesterday - it always brightens up our day to see your lovely faces and to have a chat and a catch-up.
Hope you all have a lovely day.

Hi Everyone,
We're looking forward to seeing you at our weekly Zoom meeting this week. It'll be a chance to catch up and share anything you'd like to share.
Today we'd like you to read another extract from Kensuke's Kingdom, practise your descriptive writing skills by upgrading and improving some boring sentences, identify lines of symmetry in 2D shapes and keep up your fitness levels with a great PE game.
Have a lovely day everyone.

Hi Everyone,


Today's tasks include a new extract from Kensuke's Kingdom for you to read, some great ocean-inspired setting descriptions to help you with your own writing, a Maths task that takes a closer look at angles, and some more sewing skills.


We've also added the details for Wednesday's Zoom meeting - we're looking forward to seeing you all for a catch-up and a chat.


Hope you have a lovely day everyone.

Hi Everyone,
We hope you've had a lovely weekend and managed to (safely) get out and enjoy some sunshine.
Over the next couple of week's, as Authors, you'll be writing a story connected to the sea - it will link nicely with your Tudor sailors learning as well as with your reading about Kensuke's Kingdom.
We'll also be exploring some new Design and Technology learning, which will involve some sewing. If you're stuck for resources, just drop us an e-mail and we'll try to help you out with what you need.
As Mathematicians, we're also starting some new learning about Geometry. We'll be starting with lines and angles, and moving on to symmetry and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
Have a look at today's tasks here and remember to keep posting and sending in your work - we really do enjoy seeing it.
Have a lovely day everyone.