Yr 3 Daily Tasks Week beginning 23 March

Hi Everyone, 
Here are your Friday Home Learning Tasks, along with activities from the past few days just in case you've missed anything and you'd like to spend any time catching up.
The Reading task today is all about the familiar topic of fossils. You can either print it and write your answers on the sheet, or just write the answers in your books, having read the text online.
Your Writing task today is to finish off the story you've been working on this week. Remember to read through and edit your work afterwards. 
Your Maths Task is about finding fractions of a number and, in the video, I've shown you how to complete the questions, using a bar model. If it's useful, you could draw your own bar models in your books to help you.
If you have any questions, remember you can e-mail us at staff@hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk - make sure you include our names in the subject line of the e-mail so we know it's definitely for us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
It has genuinely been wonderful to see all the lovely things you've been doing already. Well done everyone and keep up the amazing work!
Keep in touch via Seesaw or the HIllcrest Social page and, above all, keep safe. 
Big virtual high fives to all of you.
Ms Ackerman, Mr Barham, Miss Macnab and Mrs Humphries (Andrea)